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  1. Acronym.

    Commissary just got their shipment in. online by end of week one size run of the items , pricing comparable to Haven the following are sold out- P23A-DS small J28-GT sold out P23 -S Black small
  2. Acronym.

    Check your junk / spam folders. Orders via the main site will get 2 emails: 1. "Your order at ACRONYM" (containing pdf of invoice) 2. "Your payment for ACRONYM" (confirming payment)
  3. Acronym.

    except substitute "cardboard box" for "spec sheet & bag"
  4. Acronym.

  5. Acronym.

    seems like most of the items restocked are ones that sat on the web store before they revamped the site
  6. Acronym.

    for the non-Mandarin speaking friends... host is 190cm, all garments he tries on are size Large 07.KMTR: regarding fidlock buckle closure, he says he could "sit at home and play with the contraption all day" lol ; bungee snap closure on back of shoe is also magnetic EDIT: the shoes fit half size big. numerical sizing. (info from Jörg Haas) button down shirt: the "jacket sling" is now held via rope instead of whatever it was before so it's sturdier / doesn't snap? (im not quite familiar with what he's referencing as this obviously isn't a problem with mainline jacketslings) hoodie: mesh vent on hood for peripheral vision, he considers it to fit slim pants: interchangeable aglets on drawcord, long zipper on lateral and medial thigh for ventilation (not pockets) 2 versions of shorts, one being very similar to the pants poncho: white colour is semi-translucent; magnetic clasps on side; girl was wearing black colour in size M
  7. Urban Techwear

    new ACG 5/18
  8. Acronym.

    XS cuz E knows females are tired of borrowing their boyfriend's clothes for ig pictures
  9. Acronym.

    PSA: The original J47 and J47A that have vertical logo tape were for subnet pre-orders (when they still did pre-orders for individuals). This is also reflected in the stock pics from the main site. Retailers received versions with horizontal logo / Forcelock tape. just don't want anyone looking for an original 47/47A to freak out if you come across one with horizontal tape.
  10. Acronym.

    Union was initially in store + online drop but then they realized they needed to backdoor items so they changed it to online only edit- you wondering can why Union didn't have a small J1TS-S when their site went live? It's because an employee had already listed it on Grailed the night before their Thursday release (that jacket is still listed btw). SUS anyway, friends in LA who missed out on the butchered Union drop .. COMMISSARY in Costa Mesa will very likely be the last retailer to receive stock for this season. IN STORE today.. online tomorrow https://commissarystores.com p limited stock (no P25, no dual tone J1TS)
  11. Acronym.

    https://acrnm.com/videos/V27-M_SS17 edit: woops, see above
  12. Acronym.

    Laid flat, 32.5 cm at the ~widest part of thigh 23cm at knee articulation 16cm at leg opening
  13. Acronym.

    were you thinking of Small or Large, if not the Medium? I'm 6' and a true 32 waist. I wear Medium and they're perfect, both in terms of length and waist. The Stotz fabric doesn't stretch at all which is great. An awesome pant.
  14. Visvim SS17

    images from http://www.intelligencemagazine.com/news/2016/7/3/visvim-paris-showroom-ss17-preview 7holes
  15. Urban Techwear

    quick photo i snapped for color comparison of p10-DS (black) and ACG cargo (010- Nike's code for black)