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  1. Check, there's a size 10 003 for $310, and a -$25 certificate for a first time signup. edit: whoops didnt see it was a price drop thought you were negotiating to buy lower from someone, looks on par with other web prices
  3. 'Sprezzatura' is my main motto and I love techwear, so i try to make it work TF Campbell, J58-WS, Nike run tee, Outlier SD, NMD OG
  4. Ok ok very funny, speaking of CARLOOA's pizza carrier, which one of you was this -- edit: ^^^ like the chef said, next to my acronym pieces my Tanaka gyutou is the best, functional and beautiful investments I've made. Take a look at if your cutlery game is weak ^^^
  5. (pardon the screenshot but a direct link likely wouldn't show e's comment) find it funny e's choppin up the daf's with scissors
  6. It's the worst rainstorm LA's had since the 30's, and coincidentally its named major storm lucifer. But yah, the shell and liner are great today especially since I've been walking around a bit.
  7. Today shows the functional side of Acronym, even Lucifer doesn't stand a chance with a J1A-GT+J58, pretty happy over here.
  8. they're a great pair of pants, they look a little like baseball pants, but they're stretchy as hell while being wearable in almost all situations. i wore mine down to nubs after about 5 straight years of multiple times a week use.
  9. this needs to be the sub-header of the name of this forum, and it's official motto.
  10. Holy snikes these are right up my alley, anyone try them?
  11. Jesus Christ it doesn't get any sexier than that beast! Does WA allow threaded barrels? Here in communist California that wouldn't be allowed
  12. lol guns is my other hobby, here's my baby -
  13. who// capn where// southern california what// video game producer why// im inspired to minimize and make my daily life as efficient as possible. this should be aesthetically pleasing and have exemplary fit and finish. this should be long lasting. this should be no hassle. this should have multiple functions and tie into a lifestyle ecosystem. this should stand out in the eyes of people looking for it, but not for those that arent etc// i draw, formerly as a comic book penciler, and also brew beer and run in my free time. also play most new video games that aren't survival or mmo or crafting based or any other early access trend edit// dogs? dogs. dogs are love, dogs are life. the larger and slobbier the better
  14. Just ask a question don't ask a question if you can ask a question