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  1. future tip for that, whenever i take the hood off it goes right in the flak pocket. gl with the replacement!
  2. Since we're in the offseason I assume shitposting is fine, new Blade Runner poster w/ a pretty Acronym inspired Ryan Gosling Link for high res
  3. if you go down to an REI or any store that sells bicycling gear there's a ton of ultralight rain resistant jackets that are super shiny. it's a lot lighter and thinner than you'd think it'd be, but it looks like ACR added a lining to it
  4. the listed price included VAT. on the site it was 479, which included 79 in VAT i believe. the price when converted to USD was the same as everywhere else (except bureau belfast who somehow is 79 cheaper for non EU customers)
  5. I was extremely impressed with 18montrose, I'm in southern california, I ordered a J48 on Monday and was wearing it on Wednesday. Plus no additional tax or shipping.
  6. The German patent office must sure have a beef with Errolson, he's been waiting to change that PATENT PENDING for damn near a decade.
  7. that's exactly why these sites need to stop using shopify
  8. union LA uses shopify as their cart, two awful things about shopify 1. an item in your cart isn't reserved while you're entering CC info 2. shopify can be botted
  9. ???!!!
  10. art students looking to receive a failing grade.
  11. Anyone with a j48-br give a sizing report if it's bigger or smaller than other profile fits? I'm on the border of an M/L in most fits, always a toss up which to get
  12. Imo it just looks to matchy matchy. if you wear any designer head to toe you look a little off. Wether it's the mannequin effect if you're in all Ralph Lauren or similar traditional or cosplay effect if you're in all Acronym or similar. Gotta mix it up and make your own style
  13. Besides being water resistant the most interesting thing about that material is go back and look at the weight. 116 grams for a large. Yeow!
  14. I was hypothesizing that Acronym's working on a GORE SHAKEDRY™ design, seeing as how Acronym had a jacket at ISPA in GORE's booth that didn't allow photography and GORE was mostly pushing SHAKEDRY™ at that convention. Source:
  15. youre our first line of defense. i hope when youre falling asleep at night you mentally imagine yourself as a spartan or a republic imperial guard holding the line before the enemy runs over