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  1. $600 for a scarf is where I tap out of Acronym Edit: VVV Ah thanks VVV
  2. Looks like she's doing some NikeLab work Edit: Annnnnd those posts are from 2015
  3. Speaking of WS I think my J58 is due for a wash, do you have to be any more careful with it because of the climashield filling, wouldn't want it bunching
  4. The e-j23 looks super interesting, it's an entirely new product right? Would be interested to hear anyone's impression of it, sold out by the time the page loaded for me.
  5. future tip for that, whenever i take the hood off it goes right in the flak pocket. gl with the replacement!
  6. Since we're in the offseason I assume shitposting is fine, new Blade Runner poster w/ a pretty Acronym inspired Ryan Gosling Link for high res
  7. if you go down to an REI or any store that sells bicycling gear there's a ton of ultralight rain resistant jackets that are super shiny. it's a lot lighter and thinner than you'd think it'd be, but it looks like ACR added a lining to it
  8. the listed price included VAT. on the site it was 479, which included 79 in VAT i believe. the price when converted to USD was the same as everywhere else (except bureau belfast who somehow is 79 cheaper for non EU customers)
  9. I was extremely impressed with 18montrose, I'm in southern california, I ordered a J48 on Monday and was wearing it on Wednesday. Plus no additional tax or shipping.
  10. The German patent office must sure have a beef with Errolson, he's been waiting to change that PATENT PENDING for damn near a decade.
  11. that's exactly why these sites need to stop using shopify
  12. union LA uses shopify as their cart, two awful things about shopify 1. an item in your cart isn't reserved while you're entering CC info 2. shopify can be botted
  13. ???!!!
  14. art students looking to receive a failing grade.
  15. Anyone with a j48-br give a sizing report if it's bigger or smaller than other profile fits? I'm on the border of an M/L in most fits, always a toss up which to get