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  1. capnpyro


    The part I was getting at is that Erlsn's created a lifestyle brand of progressive, forward thinking, high tech. China's known for cheap labor, human rights violations, and extremely poor working conditions. How does he reconcile that? With higher prices? His Twitter defense is disingenuous at best. If he just said we toured this factory and it's great, they have a break room and the workers are happy then cool. But he's just saying I'm Chinese, which is cool but bro you were born in Canada and live in Germany. I don't know, some sort of justification besides 'then don't buy it' is what I was looking for from him instead of just being ad hom defensive.
  2. capnpyro


    I can't quite reconcile the price increase + made in China. Here's a snippet of my J1A-GT invoice from July 2016, that's $1,200 USD. The 2.2 is at what, $1,900 and Chinese now? Along with Errolson being such an eco/SJW it rubs me the wrong way.