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  1. maybe you should consider a third pant: Indisce. I love my Voronoi AR from AW2012 (no rips so far) and added the Anode a few years later. It was a good addition, considering living near the Alps. However, after getting my hands on the Indisce it became my most universal pant. Also keep in mind that Anode is very slim fitting. All my Veilance pants are w28, even when I am in between the sizes, because w30 was way way too big. Anode w30 fits pretty good.
  2. yupp. In my experience the Anode kept me warm, even if I tend to freeze quickly. On the other hand, entering heated rooms from a cold outside caused no problems at all.
  3. they appeared to me like an all black version of the Acrux. There appeared some close ups within the last two minutes of the stream.
  4. WTB Veilance Blazer LT in black (preferably black from current '17 season) in XS
  5. maybe you point into the right direction. Maybe the 'fin' is just placed there to get a grip when you open or close the zipper.
  6. WTB Veilance Voronoi w28 - the summer iteration Veilance Voronoi Short w28 Veilance Frame S/S Tees XS/S Graph Sweater XS Dyadic Sweater XS WTS Veilance Voronoi SS2014 w30 - 120€ obo Veilance Anode FW2015 w30 - 120€ obo
  7. no rocket science required.
  8. open to reasonable offers
  9. AFAIK Anode was only available in black.
  10. Lost some weight, so FS are 1. Arcteryx Veilance w30 lightweight Voronoi pant in dark navy from SS 2015. condition 8/10 175€ shipped 2. Arcteryx Veilance w30 Anode from AW 2015. condition 10/10, with tag. 175€ shipped shipping will be trackable & insured - paypal fees included.
  11. Better from China than no Veilance at all. The quality of the mainline is still great.
  12. Not sure if I like the Conduct or not. Any ideas why the sleeves got a straight seam and not a jagged one like Monitor, Composite, Arris?
  13. Mionn Composite fits tts
  14. I've washed my Mionn Composite jacket a few times at gentle wash setting. Just check that you use Granger's or Nikwax products to keep the fabric characteristics