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Hows y-3 compare to slvr in terms of durability and all around construction? Always figured they were pretty much interchangeable but y-3 usually slightly pricier for comparable jawnz. Dunno if this a hint at quality or just for yohji's name

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i've been under the impression that the materials used for Y-3 are typically more expensive, but i'm sure the association with YY also has something to do with it
seeing SLVR go is a bit disappointing for me just because i occasionally find myself looking for alternatives when i can't handle Y-3's branding






also, can anyone identify these sneakers? i'd greatly appreciate it



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I thought these were mainline, were they produced in Adidas facilities?


Also, someone posted the Rick Adidas in WAYWT today. Look decent, but I don't see them looking good with any full-length pant. And we all know they're going to find their way into fits with jogging pants =[

yeah i think those are mainline, well i purchased a pair last summer and they come in raf box shoes with no indication of adidas on the box or the shoes itself, no idea if produced at adidas factory tho

edit ; they were still made in china tho lol

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