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  1. Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    i found this shirt at a thrift store a week ago. never heard of the brand, and i have a feeling its some mommy made thing with fake tags sewn in cuz the hems are country, i dont think they accounted for the thickness of the denim cuz the buttonholes are all fucked, and its tailored for a beer bellied dude in the gut (so it fits me fine there) but with little ass stumpy arms . in any case its super thick denim and stands up on its own after a wash.
  2. Show us your leather

    finished my xmas shopping early so i decided to treat myself to some crusty thrift store records. instead i came up on this old set of leathercrafting books. ones a catalog and the other 2 are instructional. the instructional books are made on that cheap bible newsprint stuff and suffered major water damage so some pages are fucked. almost grabbed them but they wanted $40 and then i remembered im only about $20 interested in making my own leather stuff. aside from a few records, i did happen to pick up this interesting denim shirt. its super heavy and stiff. anyone ever hear of this brand? something tells me its a home job made from old jeans but the denim is pretty nice.
  3. what are you watching today?

    i wanted this to be good. it wasnt. mcpoyle fucken killed it tho. i need to pay more attention to dude.
  4. General TV show discussion

    klondike was alright. great actors, great superdenims, but the story suffered. felt like someone chopped off a good third of what was supposed to be there. or it coulve been just regular ol shitty writing. americans is decent. that russian spy office lady is hot. anyone see uncle on bbc3? its pretty funny so far.
  5. A D I D A S

    wish theyd bring back those mesh ilie nastases. i loved those shits.
  6. General TV show discussion

    ^ agreed hannibal is heavy handed by comparison.
  7. WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2013

    unskinny bop bop bop? sorry, thought this was jazz scat free association time.
  8. General TV show discussion

    i see your point, but they had stacked the show with so much garbage dramatics over past year that claire danesiz quivering lip seems mild in comparison. i just dread future episodes when she shits out that baby and the soap opera commences.
  9. General TV show discussion

    all my efforts of wading through the last season and a half of shitty homeland episodes are now starting to pay off. in case u dudes arent up on it, its actually gotten pretty good in the last 2 episodes...
  10. Films w/ Great Style

    born losers the billyjack prequel got something for everyone for superdenim: billyjack in the maverick jean jacket and rare white hat (pre-uncle joe hat) for the supershopper: "child" in this seasons black turtleneck and high waisted black trousers lookin like he gon break out in a bob fosse jazz dance. picture doesnt do his outfit justice. just watch the flick for supertrashcan: bitches and bitches BORN LOSERS ps thats your boy childs second from the right with like 500+reps! pss kurt cobain stylee 3rd from right.
  11. usa :: san francisco :: general

    i dont know about no sisig taco but tselogs on the dc border does a pretty good homemade caseless longanisa.
  12. what are you watching today?

    easily the one remaining relevant director of that whole french new wave thing.
  13. Shoes that look better with age...

    forgot i had these ships general supply horween chukkas. wearing them more on account of my 875 soles being spent. orange tab 517s and a thrift store sears fieldmaster.
  14. what are you watching today?

    the to do list was surprisingly shitty. i made it about half way through. it just wasnt that funny.