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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2014


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Buzz Rickson x William Gibson watch cap. (non vis)

Mister Freedom deck jacket.

Left Field indigo tee.

Samurai 710 OG.

Converse 70's. (non vis)


UkeNo, this is about the best thing I've got right now in regards to a picture of the watch cap.

Sorry for the Instagram filter!


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^the samurai's fit perfect, not too big in the slightest...


Haha except when i uncuff them they're like 4 inches too long because when i bought them (highschool) i was like, HELLUH STAX BRO but the hem was too big and dragged on the ground after they softened. also i've lost considerable weight since then, and there's quite a bit of room in the waist. lot 10 sz 36? maybe 35 i forget

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The 36 measurements from BiG look ideal for me, which is my normal size.  Plan on ordering a pair once they get restocked. 


Back on topic.

Waiting in the car while the girlfriend shops the other day.

Dehen for Self Edge varsity.

Real McCoy's loopwheeled tee.

The Flat Head bracelet.

SEXIH22 633S.

Converse 70's.


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the x-003 looks ok, but in order to get the thigh fitted right, I would probably have a solid 2" excess in the waist after stretching.

Gnomes, take a look at Rivet and Hide's size charts, the X003 may be OK according to that:


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