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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2014


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Vintage USMC milk glass mug + favorite locally roasted coffee…  :)

Iron Heart IHSH-107 

LD&Co. 18.5oz


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"Packing for"   ---  Panama - Bocas Del Toro:


- N&F light-weight shirt

- K5-II WR tropicalized

- Frontal lamp to see what's going on after dawn

- 1 year worn shitty leather wallet and new UES hook

- Aviators, polarized

- Low summer sneakers

- Freshly cut-off Nudies (worn for about a year).






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Thank you my friend!

It's the licenced RMFB brand made in Japan, but i do not know if Warehouse actually produces them.


 As far as I remember......Warehouse'd produce copies of RMFH down vests (around 10yrs ago), but I assume RMFH claimed the infringement of copyright or something so that Warehouse seems to have bought the license from RMFH and sells it under the name of RMFH leagally now (as you may know, the original ones were made in the US, but recent ones are made (by Warehouse) in Japan??? - maybe my information could be obsolete now)


The downside (for me) is that the price has become double with tags of RMFH......it was half price when Warehouse was selling it without the tags......I should have bought it at the time!





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Naoto, mine is some 3 or 4 years old, i've checked the tag which says it's made by the 35 Summers Co.

Might be that both Warehouse and 35 Summers have a licence to produce down vests under the RMFB brand mark.

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Quick pic while going to get some groceries




Merc waxed parka


Redwing (no vis lol)


It's snowing like it hasn't for 4 years or so, we got an actual weather warning because it'll just keep snowing over the next days. Too bad my daughter is only 4 months and we haven't got a dog right now, because our garden would be fun, as it is now it's just untouched snow, what a waste  :(




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Looking great everybody, great thread!

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Been awhile





Sun Buddies

Tres Bien


South 2 West 8 

Tanner Goods




There we go! Best fit on here in a long while. 

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