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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2014


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That shirt is bitchin! But tell me, you have an undershirt on right? I don't want to hear about your bloody nipples by the end of the day. lol


:D Actually yeah, but just because it's chilly out. The shirt isn't that heavy or itchy, I've worn it without T-Shirt underneath before and my nipples lived ;)

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Yeah, still crappy photos from me.

And yes, still fairly cold. Or I'm just a wuss.


Iron Heart duck award jacket.

Strike Gold hoodie.

Iron Heart loopwheeled vneck.

Samurai 710OG.

Alden natural chromexcel Indy.


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I see your pinky toes busting out of the Indys.  

This happened to me too ... CXL stretches out too much ... I had to sell my pair.

I know what you mean, the shape of the boot on the outside toe has lost it's shape a bit.

It's by no means uncomfortable and it doesn't really bother me a whole lot.

Some of my most comfortable shoes.

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Buzz Rickson / Barbour / The Flat Head / Pure Blue Japan / Red Wing




Picked this old Barbour coat up at a vintage shop when I was in London.  It's pretty bashed up and it's got patches everywhere.  I may patch up the lining a bit more, but it's definitely very wearable and it only cost £60!


Here's some more photos of it:





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poor quality pics...

Heritage research overshirt
Red cloud wabash


(curve adjusted to show print)

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