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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2014


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my apologies for the terrible photo. i've been sick as a dog this weekend and it shows. blegh.

scala (love this old hat)

flat head

strike gold (no vis)

wild child (no vis)

iron heart




the texture on this shirt is awesome. this is my first fh button up and won't be my last!

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Yep, it hits just below the belt on me. Definitely took some getting used to, but together with the details (some more nods to vintage pieces like a paper patch and leather-backed rivets) and the denim it's become one of my favorite jackets.

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Yeah, my two jackets from the 40's I basically have to wear with high waisted jeans and also tuck my shirts in since they are so much longer than the jackets. It's good to see a repro company is not shying away from that fit the way all the Japanese sweatshirt makers did...

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Are you sure Ben? A lot of Japanese brands are now touting "revised fits" that are longer in the body. I just ordered a buzz rickson's (before learning about this phenomenon) which turned out to be a revised fit. Based on the measurements given by rakuten, strike gold is proportionally even longer. Does it stretch out in width after shrinking in length?

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