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One star leather horizontal wallet in bourbon shell cordovan... 

49505072608_4e37f98fcc_b.jpgIMG_20200208_125646 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

49505072678_20ee13c8d1_b.jpgIMG_20200208_125702 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

49505584151_3122e4456e_b.jpgIMG_20200208_125715 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

49505584496_53cb8b9190_b.jpgIMG_20200208_125800 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

49505072908_dc9df0ccbb_b.jpgIMG_20200208_125816 by Ian Spry-Shute, on Flickr

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I thought this might be interesting to some. I asked Charlie from Equus leather on Styleforum why the holes for his stitches were slot shaped and oriented diagonally rather than simply round holes. He gave me this reply which turns out to be the anatomy of a saddle stitch. 

This is really the heart of saddle stitch. You use a pricking iron with flat diagonal teeth to mark the leather and then when you're stitching a diamond shaped awl to actually make a hole in the leather, following exactly through the mark you've made. The small, flat hole allows space for the two half stitches that inhabit each hole and the offset nature of the line makes the stitch line far less likely to tear, a la a postage stamp. Two of the many reasons handstitching is stronger than machine stitching. Heres a couple more photos, both from the last case we made, you can see really clearly on the handle photo that the stitching is clearly angled, with the thread going from the top of one stitch mark to the bottom of the next, repeating consistently down the stitch line. A round hole for the prick mark and a round awl produces a totally different look, a slightly untidy straight line that's more inclined to tear under stress”


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Made a belt lately, two bracelets and another wallet, similar to the one above, but completely made of the dark brown leather (no pics unfortunately).

Leather on belt and bracelets is natural vegtan buffalo 5mm thick, pitas to punch holes through.





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Leather care day for my Obbi Goods Label wallet. 8 years of wear and still going strong but some threads starting to break. Any UK guys able to suggest a leather worker who could restitch it?

Before and after cleaning and treating 




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I wish, with a 4 month old in the house be a while before I have a Saturday night session!  Trying to upload from my phone didn't go well 

8 hours ago, unders said:

He’s as pissed as a fart. Nice wallet though. 


8 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

He’s definitely leathered 

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I had a work bag made by Colin Hui at Eternal Leather a few weeks ago. I gave him the design and dimensions, etc and asked for a thick but supple, undyed natural veg tan leather. It's just starting to age and darken - including some indigo transfer on the back side from walking to work (:)). Lining is an olive pig skin. Just incredible workmanship.


Photo 2020-09-07, 07 23 29.jpg

Photo 2020-09-07, 07 23 43.jpg

Photo 2020-09-07, 07 24 13.jpg

Photo 2020-09-07, 07 24 40.jpg

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