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I have one enroute, will report back when I receive it.


Thanks mate. I thought it said that they were out of stock in black the other day (maybe I just missread something, idk) but now they seem to have restocked the black model or maybe someone returned one. If they're good I might order one since I missed out on the NTS-NG1 sale at Saint Alfred.

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New arrivals from Isaora. Anyone got experiences with their stuff? Some decent looking pieces but still not quite convinced.

Have their Promaloft Riding Anorak and Down Camo Vest and Down Anorak for winter + 3L Tech Shell V.5 for spring-summer.

Great stuff! Well crafted and tough. Worth the money.

Cut and measurements works good for me (one of the famous troubles for others as I know).

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Heavier winter wear doesn't make it here much but Descente has some awesome jackets (that remind me a ton of Minotaur's N-3B but with better tech features).  The US site has a decent intro video but the JP site has better pics. 


Stretch waterproof surfaces, light->heat converting coatings, inflatable hoods, back "turtle-zips,"  deployable hoods similar to acronym etc.





Anyone got any Descente pieces or any experience with them?


Looking to pick one up.

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New arrivals from Isaora. Anyone got experiences with their stuff? Some decent looking pieces but still not quite convinced.

As other have said, well designed and fits really well. Price point is well, well below comparable brands so obviously, materials / details / quality cannot be compared. That being said, I think that most items offer really good value for the money (the outerwear more so than basics), but you just can't expect ACR, Veilance, etc level. 


The sizing can be a little weird (ie. sleeves are pretty big and long, while body is cut short), but I like the style and it still works great on me even though I'm 6'0

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The sizing can be a little weird (ie. sleeves are pretty big and long, while body is cut short), but I like the style and it still works great on me even though I'm 6'0


It works on you because you're 6'0

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Speaking of simple molle pouches I found these that can hold at least an A5 size book without a bunch of shit tacked on. The only thing stopping me getting them is the $50 international shipping fee >.< .






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@TIMDOT: Good eye!


First Spear are currently one of the more interesting brands in the military equipment industry despite their relatively recent entry to that market. They've secured a good pedigree in terms of their industry hires, and have popularised some novel innovations including the attachment system seen in the second image above; as an alternative to MOLLE webbing they use laser cutting tech to create attachment points which removes the need for additional webbing, saving both weight and bulk.


If y'all looking for more pouch solutions, analogous manufacturers include Crye Precision and Mayflower Research & Consulting (whom have recently made inserts for Arcteryx LEAF Khard pack).



Would be nice to see some of this tech being adopted within the Urban Techwear market.

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Upper Yosemite Falls


Mark, Ryan, and I trekked over to Yosemite National Park and hit the Upper Yosemite Falls trail shortly after setting up camp. We managed to find our way to the snowy base and a cave directly behind the falls, allowing us to test the full capabilities of our gear (or lack of).

I’ll be attempting something new on this blog with the primary purpose of differentiating the content from my Tumblr/Instagram by briefly reviewing the technical aspects of what I wear (detailed below the photos).

– –

1. W)TAPS JC Rennie Beanie 01

A basic wool beanie – nothing special other than the name, but it does the job of being naturally water resistant and warm.

2. Undercoverism Diaplex

Although the technology claims to have the ability to adjust material particles to allow for more or less warmth depending on the wearer’s body temperature, I’ve found that I do still tend to overheat while wearing. However, this may be inherent to the wool outer. Overall, a great waterproof coat for colder weathers which kept me warm and dry in the freezing/wet conditions of the falls.

3. DSPTCH Ruckpack

This hike marks my first real experience with the Ruckpack, and I was very pleased. The front mid pocket unzips to uncover the main compartment of the bag, which allows for easy access to buried objects in that compartment and a dual function of further easy access/visibility of objects in the front mid pocket due to a zipped mesh covering on the inside. It kept everything dry and easily held everything I needed for the hike.

4. White Mountaineering Jacquard Gloves

After using the gloves I have concluded that the gloves are for more casual wear rather than true outdoor use. They are difficult to put on and are too bulky/tight, making it nearly impossible to adeptly manage the buttons and dials of a DSLR. Furthermore, the touch-screen capability isn’t very responsive and I found myself having to take my gloves off over and over again throughout the hike. Beautiful gloves, though.

5. Acronym P5TS-S

Unsurprisingly great pants from Acronym, with numerous pockets, remarkable water-resistance, and great articulation. I was completely dry despite Mark and Ryan being soaked through everywhere, and never felt too cold or hot while hiking in them.

6. Rocky Gore-Tex Socks

I’ve had my Visvims soak through during a hike through snow and rain and decided that Gore-Tex socks would be the answer. And they were. They have the additional bonus of keeping my feet warm even while wearing just Nike Dri-Fit socks underneath.

7. Visvim 7-Hole ’73 Folk

I love these boots, but I have finally conceded that they are not great for hiking. They’re too bulky and end up feeling too heavy after prolonged use. My discomfort with them is also exacerbated by my narrow feet, which swim in the wide/oversized boots.

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