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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Damn, I was wondering why Voronoi's price has been stable at 400 instead of increasing like almost everything else, guess we know why now.
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Wouldn't wear it to a very formal setting (i.e. court) but Blazer LT looks great with a button up underneath. Voronoi are harder to wear formally since the patterning/fit can overpower and look strange depending on what top/jacket you're wearing. Unless you have a very conservative office, either should work. Neither are particularly wrinkly once I take it out of my closet and wear it for a bit. Haven't handled Indisce but if it's anything like other Veilance goretex, it'd be quite noisy with movement, keep that in mind.
  3. arcteryx veilance

    Anyone got any insight into the difference between the Nomin Pack and mainstream Arc'teryx backpacks? Ordinary Arc'teryx is already pretty high build quality, but their bags are almost comically cheaper, genuinely curious as to what the differences are (besides aesthetic) and whether there is any real price justification, other than due to branding/R&D costs.
  4. Urban Techwear

    Does anyone have an opinion/experience with recent Stone Island gear? There's a lot of hype right now and vague rumours of lower quality as production has expanded. I personally love what Stone Island was and what's they've achieved previously, but I don't want to buying SI clothes if that quality isn't there anymore.
  5. Interesting, a huge segment of immigrants in the LA garment industry are legal workers sponsored for skills missing amongst native Americans, costing US companies around 5-10k per employee for visa processing. Great article about it here: https://fashionista.com/2017/07/american-garment-factories-production-immigrant-workers Same article goes on to talk about illegal labour in the US tho, American Apparel especially were notorious for it. There's shady business owners in every country tbh
  6. FS: Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 42L

    Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 Bomber Size 42L or a Japanese XL, brand new with tags SOLD
  7. arcteryx veilance

    Community Alert: If ordering from 290SQM, ask for a garment bag, I've ordered a few times and they seem to include it only if you ask. Also 30-50% off at 290SQM, solid selection of sizes for Mionn IS Blazers and Align pants.
  8. Acronym.

    Can anyone give a comparison of Acronym to Tilak? In particular Tilak's Evolution jacket and Poutnik range, and in regards to material and fit differences. Pretty sure both Tilak's sage sweatshirt and evolution jacket were Errolson commissioned designs that later found their way into acronym collections (circa 2012, can't find model numbers rn), with some slight tweaking. Essentially, I want some insight into how large the gap between Tilak and Acronym is in terms of material quality/cut (not aesthetics and other less tangible aspects) for directly comparable products, since Acronym still (?) use the Tilak factory to make their stuff.
  9. arcteryx veilance

    Haven is the easiest place to cop from at Canadian retail, I just wait till they have free shipping because their international rates are painful. All my jackets and shirts I got on sale or ebay, so import tax never bothered me. In fact, everything that will attract the import tax tends to be items that I consider too warm for our winters, so I never looked into it. For sizing beforehand, I recommend using Mr Porter and then utilize their free returns (unless you're after vonorois, they are way cheaper after brexit oddly and almost at par with Canadian prices). It's not like we have a veilance store to try anything on.
  10. arcteryx veilance

    I have the Align in black. 1) Aesthetics and fit aside, choose the material based on what you'll need it for. Goretex pro is amazing but it doesn't pack as well as some other veilance fabrics, not the best option if you travel a lot and need space. Actuator's great in particular since its fully packable into its own internal pocket.I personally wear my align whenever I'm in Melbourne, but any of them would probably suffice if you just want to avoid getting wet. None of them will keep you warm by themselves, definitely layers needed. 2) There were a few more colours around, navy and a orange called 'dark flare' (decent pictures available from a Haven lookbook), as well as Mahogany. There's also a fleece lined version that was made briefly one season. 3) My align is the same but it doesn't really bother me. Goretex Pro is supposedly more noisy than others but I don't have a huge amount of experience to back that up.
  11. arcteryx veilance

    20-25% the entire Veilance range at East Dane if anyone's interested Also free shipping at Haven right now, which makes them the cheapest for Voronois shipped internationally, decent size selection remaining too
  12. FS: Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 42L

    Samurai 710XX in size 32, 19oz from the 15th anniversary. $135 SOLD More pics here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/1950266-samurai-jeans-710xx
  13. Acronym.

    From the ATO "A vendor registration model will be used and suppliers with an Australian turnover of $75,000 or more in a twelve month period will be required to register and charge GST." I very much doubt that any boutique or smaller shop selling Acronym will ever be affected by this law. And even if, that company needs to voluntarily start collecting GST, which is always unlikely to happen. Other than maybe END, who do a lot of business with us, this GST law probably won't mean anything for importing Acronym, so I wouldn't stress about buying after July. I haven't found any real way to avoid import tax for over $1000, other than asking the seller to mark down value, but that generally depends on having a pre-existing relationship (AKA you've spent a lot with them before). It never hurts to ask though.
  14. Iron Heart Jeans

    Brought from Rodeo Bros on Rakuten today and got an interesting message with my order. From what I understand, Iron Heart is implementing a new management policy and Rodeo (+ presumably other webstores) won't be selling any IH items through Rakuten after April. Might be worth putting orders in now if anyone wants those Japanese retail prices.
  15. Undercover 12AW Goretex Jacket (4) $450 SOLD White Mountaineering Wardrobe Wool Coach's Jacket (3/L) $160 SOLD