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  1. Add some red headphone cable and you're in trouble.
  2. Eger in Oslo had some Veilance (albeit at a significant markup) last time I was there. YME worth checking out also. Plenty of options in Copenhagen (Norse Store, Wood Wood, Naked), best check the thread in SuperJetSet for more detailed info.
  3. Nice article on Jörg Haas, Beinghunted founder. Plenty of techwear pics:
  4. You can find those pieces over at Mr Porter
  5. New Descente pieces out, getting some Veilance vibes:
  6. If you want to go the .mil route, check out FirstSpear - tech-wise they're leading the pack along with Crye Precision. That said, a cobra belt is a cobra belt unless you want to add hip padding. Another upside is that they do an all black version, including the release clasps:
  7. Looks like the jacket was a one-off release :<
  8. Price of the down Node jacket!
  9. Visited the Descente shop in London a little earlier, impressed with the range (other colour arrangements out of screen):
  10. May be of interest for those looking for a bag insert from a techwear standpoint:
  11. @JasonLee: I tried the white monitor in Oslo, fit felt far too bulky to me. However, if you don't mind that the white is very striking in person.
  12. Looks good, will have to keep an eye out for more pics
  13. Cheers for the heads up, been pretty close to buying one for the last while. Can I ask, would size M from Norse otherwise fit okay with you? I've found it pretty TTS (6.3, 170 lbs)
  14. In the circumstances you're describing, it would only attract additional unwarranted attention.
  15. Looks like a reporter gone fishing in a warzone