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  1. I want a fidget spinner of the 3-point Acronym logo.
  2. Got my pair today. I'm a UK 10 in nike, I have never had a pair of nike's in a size 10 that don't fit well. I went down to a 9.5 UK for these. The tightening system sits low around the ankle so to compensate they need slight over-tightening. With this they do fit well. Go down a full size IMO. Edit: UK 10 = 10 UK
  3. Is a fookin camo? Daaannngg.
  4. ^ Goretex > Stotz _ Didn't realize it had this. I can see it now looking at shop pics. It's something I thought the J1A-GT should have had but I imagine Gore doesn't like mixing of their materials and straight up doesn't allow mixing with non Gore materials. The extra cuff tightening and the riding up from the bag alters the way it looks, I reckon it does fit. _ I'm turning this into a 'what I thought of this seasons drop'. I bought a J61 so I'm inclined to say it's the highlight but the J47R is da real MVP. The innovation in the construction is unlike anything else. Functionally, I wish the J61's zip didn't catch on the flap. I wonder what the reasoning is behind only having one parka style button up at the neck because I think it needs another one in the chest area to make it less cape-like in the wind. I have wanted a jacket in that kind of silhouette for ages and was waiting to catch a Veilance monitor in the sales, I'm very happy with my purchase. When Shadow Project or Nike have done parkas there's less hype. I think the light material and packable feature has just pushed it over the edge into archetype-shifting territory.
  5. I don't think appropriation is the right idea. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what streetwear is. I think that it is in the references being abstracted into the designers sincere individual expression. Because culture is dynamic this is a contradiction born not from the need for endless expression but the endless need for profit. How do you hold back this contradiction? Move with the reference, become self-referential, change the reference. When luxury brands reference it's inherently insincere. I don't think Vetement's irony is sincere. A COLD WALL's reference is a concept. I'm not sure if its good enough to say streetwear is just "sweatshirts n tees". Acronym is streetwear but much more than the sum of even it's non obvious references. I feel like the agitation from individuals that half contradict their current social position, that is, the boss of a company first and a creative second is that they recognize that capitalism stifles individual expression. I assume the lack of real world activism is because of twitters tendency to be a individualist echo chamber where you are blind to the need for actual collective expression to have any chance of change.
  6. This brand is very much in the same vein as alkphenix. Looks like it would work well with a bunch of different brands. Oqliq https://oqliq.waca.ec/ Reversible^
  7. Free international shipping at haven as well. I cop'd the waist bag.
  8. My brother is selling his Disaeran jacket for £250 ($310). Size Large. PM for details.
  9. I have the same type of jacket with a similar hexagonal, but less severe, camo. It's a good jacket. I've begun to start wearing it again. It has a hydrophobic finish but that version doesn't have taped seams. The one's with the chest pockets have an added waterproof liner.
  10. Uggs X Teva
  11. When ppl post pics of things releasing can they put it as a spoiler plz. (The green/blue icon top left of the text box: Special BBcode)
  12. That list may be what's available to stores stocking it. Who knows, acrnm.com may have bags and bag accessories for sale?
  13. I'm getting a white mountaineering vibe from their mix of materials, colours and the pocket layouts. But the first thing I thought when I saw the logo was it was very similar to a Z with a dash. After a quick google the nazi wolfsangel symbol was where I remembered it from. I think they need a re-design. Where are they based?
  14. J-27 Size Medium: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112121900202?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 £345 But open to offers.
  15. I will admit that. Both brands start with the letter A.