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Got a peek at some of Jiberish's upcoming techwear stuff. Very nice minimalist 3L expedition shell and Trench coming down the pipeline. I'll grab some screens when I am out of class today. Definitely a brand to keep an eye on. I am speaking with the owner soon about working part time in their Boston store so hopefully I can get some more info to share. 



This Is the 3L shell. It's all one panel in the front with concealed zips on the side. Pretty sure its 20k/20k





And a mac trench that is also 20k/20k. 



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innovative! although i wouldn't call it a 'reset', after all it's still membrane technology. i'm also interested if this poses any unique challenges regarding seam taping.


Interview with Voormi CMO Timm Smith - though the article notes he has an engineering and design background at Gore.



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I tried the SISP David-C wide pants on today in Stone Island London, they're a very similar cut to the P14 with an articulated gusset but sans cool pockets. The material is absolutely gorgeous, pretty thick and heavy but drapes really nicely. Unfortunately i didn't really have anything else on that really went with them so I felt like I was auditioning for Miami Vice or I would have probably copped them. I may change my mind yet, see what the ACR drops brings first though.

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