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  1. @gnrsn


    Received my small today and I'm considering if I should've downsized for an XS instead. Perhaps it's just that they used the S24 and baggy pants for all the product pics but I was very surprised with the length and bulkiness. The texture is also pretty rough IMO, similar to the S24, which also surprised me (although I don't own any DS outers, only shirts). When looking at the product pics again I am a bit confused about the length, and it was probably the pics of the tall guy which threw me off. Expected it to be cropped like in this pic but it actually fits like this. @moneytalks I'll let you know if I decide to not keep it.
  2. @gnrsn

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P17, hmu with any CW or material, size S or M P35, size S? gonna wear em' like 17:s J59TS-CH, size S? probably, ima skinny dude, HMU WTS: LA7-DS size S, cond 9/10?, willing to trade for an LA6 or to add as trade for any of the above. I dont browse SF much these days so will be a bit slow to respond but I'm serious with any afformentioned deal, send DMs.
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