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Vintage Denim?


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5 hours ago, Sympathy-For-The-Denim said:

beautiful specimen dr. heech, and kind of scarce, especially with the single needle inseam and 501 style outer seam (how is that construction called btw?) and that black tag. a predecessor of the orange tab line, that feature double felted in and outseam simple bar tacks.  I just wonder what makes your sure those 606s are ladies jeans rather than unisex fit? over the years on from 2003 they had been part of both men and women LVC collection every now and than. these were the jeans young folks would have worn in the 60s before, along with the famous 646 and 607, bell bottoms become state of the denim art... 

Thanks sympathy. 

The seam is called a busted seam I believe (?)

You're probably right about that unisex element - neither the 351N or the 606 state ladies cut. My conclusion came from trying them on and finding little room for the old meat and veg (hey it's not an exact science) so there you go. 

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On 6/17/2021 at 11:11 PM, cusswords said:

How could I possibly forget…



These are actually a perfect fit aside from the inseam coming up 2 inches short. I might send them off to get the hem redone with a proper thread color and chainstitch 

Nice score mate:P

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Hi all, wondering if I could get some help dating a recent pickup, a deadstock 70505 (e).

Only been able to narrow it down to some point after 1972 and before 1984.

Anyone know when this particular care tag was swapped in for 70505s? It doesn't match the all caps care tag you see on the latest big E 70505s and what I would assume are the earliest lowercase e 70505s. I wonder what the transition years were between the two. It matches the ~1973 to ~1984 501 care tags, but I'm hesitant to draw much from that- I've got a 70505 (E) with a three digit button code (its in storage, I think it reads 524), because of that I am cautious about placing similar timelines between jackets and trousers. There's no text on the other side of the care tag. The 479 on the yellow cutter's tag is my best bet, for April 1979, but wondering if anyone has any knowledge here.

This jacket took a trip to the laundromat today and is now hanging out on my fire escape!








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Recently picked up these dungarees what were lovingly repaired to keep them in service. Given the small laurel wreath buttons, slubby denim and high rise, I'm guessing1930's or wartime dungarees? The legs are cut straight with little to no taper. Simply designed workwear that are still going strong.







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