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Vintage Denim?

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7 hours ago, Sansome1877 said:

I thought I remembered something like you had never seen copper backed rivets on this model, could have remembered wrong?

I think seeing a back button stamp like E on a pair which would normally have aluminium backed rivets, but doesn't, is a little unusual. 

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Man, have i scored today.

 I was browsing around some local ad sites and came across this beauty. From the label I knew this was good. But it’s full of surprises for me!

It has “O” buttons and shares many details with my 557xx from the same factory. Same buttons, same sleeve cuff construction (and the button adjusters on the back) - all common of the “O” factory. Yellow bartacking, meaning this is definitely one of the earlier ones.

the stitching is all over the place with the colormatching - two tone on one side, all yellow in the other. yellow in the collar and pockets and armhole, orange everywhere else.

seen also is my late 60s/early 70s Big E, which is more as to be expected. They also have vastly different silhouettes. This new one is way more boxy and more tight in the shoulders. Very 557 in the fit. Had it not had a label, I’d have called it a 557. I’m pretty sure this a transition model!

Stumped to find it. And at a bargain price.

Excuse the bad lighting throughout haha 










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@Facini it is essentially a 557xx in all but label, bet those buttons are copper topped.

Re:difference in silhouette. Don't forget that the 557xx was the 'standard' in 1961, and the 558xx was the longer version. When they changed the label info from 557xx > 70505 and 558xx > 71205, around 66-68 they also seem to have lengthened the body of the standard model too, but this is never mentioned in vintage denim books.

Lovely example of a transitional model type 3. Good score!


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Picked up this Big E shirt today, amazing condition given its probably 50 years old.




Too small for me sadly but still couldn't pass it up.



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Posted (edited)

Bored so bumping my fav thread with some photos of a pair of 1922-1926 501XX (pics borrowed from lg) - the first model with added belt-loops. Only have photos of maybe 5 pairs of similar early 1920's 501's, including the pair in the 501xx book so they're not a common sight.

Lovely set of details- first belt loops were smaller/shorter, made from shirt-weight denim. Bullseye buttons on the fly and older style branded buttons on the waistband, a combination dating back to 1915, and pre 1927 tooled rivets too. Another early detail are the corner-cut back pocket corners, just under the exposed back pocket rivets (difficult to see in detail here). Although the waistband got a chain stitch sometime around 1915/17 the leg hem had to wait until 1927 to get one , as evidenced by the unravelled hem on this pair. Anyway, carry on...














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To add more pics :)

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