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Does SG make jeans in 38? Could I get a 36 and do a quick cold soak? I want to get a pair of 3109


Yup, at Self Edge we've got some of their jeans in size 38 in stock now at our SF store.  Come by and try em on.

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Yup, at Self Edge we've got some of their jeans in size 38 in stock now at our SF store.  Come by and try em on.


Thanks Kiya. I'll try to make it out there one day. Do you know if you have the 3109 in 38?

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I got the strike gold hoodie today!

It is a bit on the short side and the hoodie is a bit to small as well and lifts the shoulders when I wear it up.

I read somewhere that I could expect quite alot of stretch. 

Is this true after a wash?


Will have to decide on what to do with this.


What is your take!?



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I think you should definitely size up. It's true that it will stretch some, and it won't ever get smaller than it is now-even after washing and tumble dry... But to me that looks too small. is it comfortable? It looks like it's not.

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I personally would return it, but I don't like stuff to be that close fitting. I had a SG crew neck sweat that fit like your hoody fits, I was able to stretch it a fair amount but I was never happy with it, always having to tug at the sleeves and the hem. I ended up selling and getting the next size up and it's a much better fit. And I like sweats that I can machine wash and dry whenever without having to worry about them shrinking back too much... I guess it just depends on what kind of fit you prefer. Have you checked out the Joe McCoy Ball Park sweats? Their zip up hooded sweatshirt is very similar in style to the SG - same type of pockets, raglan sleeves, very dense fleece - but more generously sized... They have a navy one, or you could indigo-dye a grey one if you must have indigo...

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It will stretch just fine. Especially the sleeves... As the elastic loosens up they'll feel a lot longer. If you tug on the waist a little it'll open up and feel a little longer too, but don't go crazy.

I think its a keeper.


^take this advice. you'd be very surprised with how much it can stretch and still look fine. 

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Shameless plug... 


I'm selling my SG2105 size 34 in the Supermarket. Hemmed to 33" inseam by Self Edge. Good condition, minimal fading, wear, etc. Waist is too big for me. Love the denim though. 



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SG 2109 Review (Tag Size 31)


Originally I tried a 29 in the SG2105s but the waist was WAY too tight. I pretty much liked the fit on the rest of the pant though so in order to get as close of a fit to the 29 SG2105 and have a comfortable waist, I went with a 31 in the SG22109.


As Kiya previously stated in the thread, if you're a 31" waist, go with tag size 31. Below are my initial thoughts and some detail pics. I'll also post measurements and pre-soak & post-soak pics as well. Going forward, I intend to upload pics periodically to show wear and fade characteristics. 


Initial Thoughts:

  • Fit: as stated elsewhere in the forum, the waist does run a tad large in comparison to the rest of the pant. This should be fine though once you eventually wash/dry the pant though. SG may have taken this into account hence the roomier waist relative to the silhouette of the paint. I would not size down to achieve a smaller waist size, but then again, I have been converted to the school of wearing it as it was designed to be worn with respect to measurements and silhouettes. Rise is good for me. I am very wary of low rises.
  • Silhouette: to me, it is a hybrid of a taper/slim and straight leg--the perfect sizing for someone who typically gets a slim/taper silhouette but wants to dip their toes in the more classic fits. Post soak, it fits similar to the S710s (tag size 29 post soak) through the thigh but tapers slightly at the knee.
  • Detailing: Impeccable. The more I look at these jeans the more I appreciate the thought and craftsmanship that went into them. Initial highlights are: gold threading of the selvedge; the copper/iron rivets and the unique character they possess given that you have two different materials comprising the rivet, making for slightly irregular rivets throughout the pant (male end already showing some minor oxidation after the soaks!);  chain stitch runoffs; and the lime green threading present throughout the pant.
  • Denim: the weave of the weft/warp looks awesome on both sides of the pant. I was somewhat apprehensive of the mud-dyed weft given the fact that these will be worn constantly and with a cuff, but the depth it adds to the color and texture of the pant removed any of my initial uneasiness. As stated on the SE page, the demin pre-soak and post-soak is pretty rough, but again, I think that just adds to the wonderful character of the fabric itself, resulting in what will surely be an irregular look and feel down the road that is unique to the wearer akin to the fades. 








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SG 2109 Review (Tag Size 31)--continued


Pre-Soak Measurements:

Waist: 33â€

Rise: 10.3â€

Thigh: 11â€

Inseam: 37â€

Knee: 8â€

Opening: 7.8â€


Post-Soak Measurements

Waist: 32.5â€

Rise: 10â€

Thigh: 9â€

Inseam: 35.25â€

Knee: 8â€

Opening: 7.5â€

*Measurements made using BiG method


Pre-Soak Fit Pics




Post-Soak Fit Pics








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^ agreed - top review. From a personal point of view the 710 comparison was particularly useful.

However, for the love of God, please lose the moccasins & white socks accompaniment - it hurts, it hurts! :-)

Seriously though, good job mate - I look forward to seeing their progress.

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Thanks for the feedback. The idea was to get all the info I was searching for at the time of making a decision in one place. I forgot to mention that as stated in other reviews, there is little to no movement really in the denim after soaking except for the inseam. to put it another way, I may no longer need to hem them in order to get a decent looking cuff. The soak was 45min very hot soak > let dry > 45min very hot soak.

@dhadha - I cannot express to you how quality this denim is. Everything from the hue to the feel to the fit, SG has made it that much more difficult in deciding on that "next model."

@artisandenim - thankfully I wasn't wearing my Birkenstocks and sock combo at the time.

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Nice review. Not here to argue or anything but you could have gotten more shrinkage out of them, I got about an inch out of both my 2105 and 3109s.


I love SG more than any other brand... my only complaint is the threading is so damn weak on the back pockets. I know I'm not the only one with that problem either. 

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@laxlife1234: I am wondering how you were able to get more shrinkage. Based upon my measurements I thought I got more than most people, but am always looking for ways to improve upon the regimen I have used thus far. My regimen thus far: 6 stock pots of boiling water per 45min soak without agitation. Also regarding threading, are you referencing the arcuates?

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