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Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans


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Wow. I've never had an interest in McCoy's for the simple reason that I don't like the name - well that and nothing I've seen beyond that has been particularly tempting. It's an admittedly stupid reason, but it feels a little more justified now.

If I could only get over my aversion to the name Buzz Rickson, I'd have some better chino options I guess.

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Had three denim items from real McCoy’s now and was disappointed with each of them. 

1. impossible to fade. By they time they lose indigo noticeably they are falling apart. 

2. Lot004 and black type 3 jacket advertised as raw but were actually sanforized. That really pissed me off. 

3. no puckering on my two pairs of jeans and denim jacket. Kinda important to me. That’s why I bought ‘raw’ 

price isn’t bad here in Japan.

they are one of the few brands that make a few items in bigger sizes  all other Japanese brands stop at US Large (labeled XXL here in Japan)

as much as I hate them for their jeans I still like their Tees and flannels. Their sweaters looks nice too  



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They are a hard brand to defend /support over the last few years but I still have a spot for them. Never owned a pair of their jeans  but have always considered a pair just to scratch the itch.  Their sweats, ts and jackets are great IMO. 

I'm popping into R&H in a week or so , might close my eyes really tight and ignore the fact everyone has warned against the jeans and try a pair on!🙈

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They've been falling apart since the day i bought them vlad.. within months the back pocket thread disintegrated and the pockets started flapping around.. i stitched them back on, my stitching goes from here to here.. notice the unworn blue denim where i haven't quite matched them up


..when you compare it to this image.. you can see that my stitching and the bartack is the only thing holding the pocket on.. this is just cheap cotton from our sewing box but it holds up a lot better than McCoys thread.


.. even areas of zero stress became detached


..i got tired of the constant repairs  so i bagged them off and chucked them on the pile.. a few months ago the SC M41030 i was wearing to work fell to pieces (after many years of good service) so i spent hours patching those 003s and started wearing them for work.. i'll keep repairing the stiching for as long as i can be bothered then i'll bin them and wear something else... i don't think i'll wash them again.. with a bit of luck they'll last till x-mas.

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On 2/8/2023 at 1:12 PM, l13902733261 said:

The Real Mccoy‘s N-1 Field Shoes


I bought a pair of these about 5 or 6 years ago for about £600, from RMc in London, (Covent Garden I think).

Probably the most uncomfortable boots I have ever had the displeasure to wear. Fortunately I managed to offload them on to some other unsuspecting poor sod someone else for £500.

I see they now retail for £1,300!! Bonkers!


Edit: Doesn't surprise me to see that their Mayfair shop is now closed. Footpads!

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Hello, I'm thinking more and more about buying an M65 Field Jacket, I like the Real McCoy early model. Does anyone know if this is a large or small size jacket? Does it shrink in the wash? I saw that Orslow also made one but the McCoy seems better to me. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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They fit TTS albeit loosely becasue of the cut of the jacket.. ie- it has no shape and fits like a sack so it's up to you to pull the draw strings in, if needed around the waist, hem, cuffs ect.. to give the jacket a closer fit to the body.

I have a size med for sale on ebay with some sizes attached.. i'm 5'11".. 75kg.. 39" chest, 32" waist and the size 40 fits how an M-65 should (not fitted)


Shamelessly.. it would be much cheaper for folks here :rolleyes:

They don't shrink at all in the wash.. if you live in a wet environment, add a Tech wash treatment instead of detergent.. Nikwax or something similar.

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