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I realize this has been asked several times before, but I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for.

I were about to order a bunch of these(se pic) from Fun Fabric when I realized they don't send them outside of Germany. Could anyone point me in the right direction or help me out?

Skjermbilde 2017-08-28 kl. 21.53.41.png

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1 hour ago, techwearcarry said:

Does this bag fit your needs? Any specific features you’d like to see? I’m designing and developing as I’m going, so any feedback would be great.

it's your bag and it should fit your needs! Good job on it!

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The female part of the quick release buckles. Planning on ordering though some proxy/shipping helper website thing since i dont know chinese. Cheaper if you order bulk. Anyone keen for a few if i order like 100 or more?


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My contribution to the TWG discord DIY challenge #1 waistbag:


–the whole belt bag design is based on the as above so below concept, there are contrasting parts that are fully symetrical

–when creating shemags there is a stripe of etaproof and polartec left. this bag is using the leftover etaproof as main material

–etaproof is not a traditional bag material, using a non-traditional bag material goes hand in hand with the concept. AASB is more like extention to one's pockets. I like to think about it as a minimal gillet, not a bag.

–shoulder pad works for both right and left shoulder wearing and both A and B side setups

–A side features 3 compartment zipper pocket with a reverse coil 10C matte sliders and 550 paracord pulls

–B side has 16 tec-sys loops in two rows

–stabilizer strap that doubles as shortening strap for waistbag mode

–patch platform and patch / patch design is an ambigram so it looks the same no matter the orientation





[AASB will be part of ƯKU:yotDOGGO collection]

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Dusting the making cobwebs off, its been a while.

Lined, with many pockets, interior dividers, and reflective bits.

Next step, get some xpac/dynema and make it better and work around some of the mistakes. 


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So I was curious to know peoples favored webbing suppliers, I just recently moved from the UK to the states and it seems like the right time to play around with different webbings. Most berry compliant milspec weaves I've found lack the more luxurious qualities I would look for and I've also been finding that some of the webbings I've found in an olive drab are dyed nylon with white cores causing fading in bent areas (for instance at the contact points of a cam lock). I'm debating if I should shell out for custom weaves or tracking down the supplier for acrnm and the like. If anyone has any insight or opinions I'd be interested to dive deaper into the world of webbing! Cheers


Little example of what I've been toying with here 



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