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  1. strikethrough


    E confirmed that the white J1A is just a one-off ("for now") on IG just a moment ago, so I guess that's not part of whatever this collab will be.
  2. strikethrough


    6'4" here with a 32/33-inch waist. I got my p23a-s' in L because i was concerned about length. The -S work for me only because they have belt loops, but then theres a lot of excess material in the waist that you kinda have to figure out what to do with... not sure how the -DS are in comparison as I dont have first-hand experience with the dual locking buckle system thats on them. I've heard they cinch down tighter than the Stotz ones? Length-wise, they're... okay i guess. Could use an extra inch or two to get a more baggy look like in the official product shots.
  3. strikethrough


    Likely. Additional costs like these often get passed on to the customer.
  4. strikethrough

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Go-to fit from this past winter... SISP Scarabeo Parka, DRKSHDW creatch cargos, ACRNM galoshes and lunch bag. Bonus obligatory reflective effect photo because reasons.
  5. strikethrough


    Nothing other than the HST and UPS's brokerage fees ($10 usually)... unless the garments been produced anywhere other than the EU, then i think you're looking at around an additional 15%ish. The only example i have is of someone else getting their J1A last month and paying ~$600. The taxes would have been about $300, so the remaining costs are the tariffs.
  6. strikethrough


    I'll be damned... so it does... Never realized that before.
  7. strikethrough


    I think the standout for me this time around is the J76.. the reworked interops is interesting-ish and the full-on storm hood makes it seem like the heavy-lifter of the lot, weather-wise. Not too sure about how that massive zip will feel in the armpit but my curiosity is piqued to say the least. Sleeve zip detail on the J41 is very nice. Looks like the V in GTV is now going to mean escape-zips (for in-car removal)?
  8. strikethrough


    Looks like the party is over for us Canadians... I had the impression that this was a red line E wouldn't cross but I guess not.
  9. strikethrough


    Couldn't agree with you more. I bought the same pair and have been wearing them constantly waiting for the eventual failure moment and nope, nothing yet. Best pants purchase I've ever made.