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  1. The less movement there is in the resell market for these items, the more discouraged resellers will get about jumping on releases thinking they'll make a quick buck. Every day they sit on a J1TS-S is another day they don't make a profit and consider dropping their price. Best and only thing we can do is not give them the satisfaction and only buy from reputable community members for reasonable prices. On the other hand, you can't stop someone who is new to acr thinking that whats on offer on grailed is the market price and caving to the high prices because they want a piece. It's kind of a crapshoot that way.
  2. Sorry, I worded that weird. My bad. I meant the jacket is stowed up in its own stowaway pocket, and then I keep that in my 3a-1
  3. Hey guys, long time lurking.. deciding now to finally come out of my cave and post.. . My girlfriend bought me a J61-WS off grailed for my birthday, my first acr jacket (yeah, I know, shes a keeper), but i was wondering about the windstopper fabric... Is it okay to keep it packed up in the stow-pocket in my 3a-1 for convenience's sake, or would the WS fabric get damaged if things like the zips or other hardware press or rub against it for extended periods of time in that state? I imagine with the pressure of the packed up hardware pressing against it might cause some friction and eventually do some damage? If so, I'll just keep it unpacked when not in use.
  4. Not sure about the lows specifically, but I definitely sized down in the boot. Usually an 11.5 or 12 US. Took an 11 and they're right on. Possibly same in the lows? I'm curious to know myself. edit - whoops, sorry, totally got that wrong. I've checked and confirmed that I actually bought a size 45EU which is 12US, so in actuality, i'd recommend taking your regular size or size up if you're a half-size. Sorry for the confusion.