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  1. Did a search and didn't get any hits so pretty sure this hasnt been brought up for discussion before... Looks like MSCHF is doing a collab release with acr... Not really feeling these myself, but have a look and see for yourselves.. like a bizzaro version of the AF1's, done in MSCHF's typical wavy style. https://mschf.com/shop/super-normal-2-acronym-ag
  2. Long shot, but... If anyone copped the Haven x Norda 003's in a size 13 and want to let them go... hit me up.
  3. Everyone was running sales this year.. E would have to cancel way more retailers than just Haven if he was actually cracking down on sales.
  4. Seeing Haven not pick up this season was definitely an eyebrow raising moment. I've found myself more and more feeling like the aesthetic of Acronym is diverging from what I am looking for in technical garments, despite the recent turn towards graphical elements being something that I didn't mind (reminds me of earlier-era Acronym, more specifically the louder 3A items back in early 10's). Coincidentally enough, the more straight-forward, practical, workwear inspired looks that Haven is doing with their in-house label seem to be what I'm more drawn to now. After so many years of observing the various ebbs and flows of Acronym's design language, I think we all need to come to terms with the idea that the clothes will always reflect the ever-evolving tastes of the few handful of people behind their design. This time around, its studs and spikes, a couple of years from now, will be something entirely different. It is what it is.
  5. Same. Last few pieces I got on deep discount at Nubian in Harajuku and Contraband in Toronto. Good pickups.
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