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    J38, J58, P10
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    I’m usually between a 11.5 and 12 in AF1’s. First pair of downtowns I got were 11’s and I got rid of them because they felt too narrow. Got a pair of 11.5’s and they were okay. Got another colourway shortly after in 12 and I tend to prefer the 12’s.
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    Dunno how many people this will be relevant to on here, but just got lucky on my trip to Tokyo the other day at Nubian in Harajuku. Bunch of pieces on sale up to 50% off in store. On the site looks like it’s capped at 40% off. Also a few pieces available only in store.
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    Have you considered getting a tailor to add belt loops to your current pair? That could be the simplest solution. Cinch them down as far as they’ll go and make up the difference with a belt. That’s how I get my P23A-S to work for me.
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    For those who are wondering what the NG4-SS ear holes look like, here’s a photo: The material is definitely more substantial compared to PS. Bit less stretch to it. Feels like it would be about as warm as PS though. Didn’t get a chance to wear it out in the cold however. Decided to return it as the fit was just too tight for my face.
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