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  1. Time to hire some more peeps. Down to slave in a production facility and get paid in errolson merit stars and high fives
  2. sames.. when was the last time they released a 'new bag'. would be rad if they started releasing waterproof items in like dyneema or something
  3. Hey thanks for answering. My question however was not on the construction of the bags but the fabric itself. So if you had a sheet of XPAC and you poured water onto it, i know that the water itself doesn't seep through but was wondering if that was the case for laminat fabric cause it looks like laminated cotton. From the looks of it it looks like it would be water proof for the most part until maybe it went through heavy wear which goes into my second question of whether or not the laminat flakes after a while or what it looks like after heavy use.
  4. hey everyone, have a question about materials. Been reading that XPAC is basically waterproof and super durable. Is laminat also waterproof? Does anyone know what it looks like when its SUPER broken in? been seeing some pics of patina on some of them, but it doesn't look like worst case scenario. Basically trying to get an idea of laminat's durability/waterproof-ness. does the laminat on the cotton eventually peel off? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. gotcha, thanks for the tip
  6. Edit: Not selling it on sufu I guess. Don't know why everyone's so mad at a new user for trying to sell something he bought. Anyway, got the memo from shoreman and will be sticking to grailed.
  7. im so blown. waited all day for the hat and didn't get it....did they set a release time or something? jeese
  8. this set up is so dope. Where is the side bag from?