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Conners Sewing Factory


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One question please, do I need to size up for those CSF jeans? specially the m-41 model.


I know the jeans do shrink from tag size. Will it stretch back easily to raw waist size? 

i would advise you to size up , its not the waist you need to worry about because it will stretch quite a bit .... its the hips that are tight 

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Would you consider the wh 1001sxx a 47 cut?

not really sure what i would call the 1001sxx , when i wear mine it feels very straight from the hips down making me think it was influenced by the late 30's cuts ..... but really ????  

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i think you could possibly be  36 in these but dont take my word on it , make sure to check measurement charts or email the shop ( hate giving sizing advise incase im wrong :)

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got my s409xxx M-47 this morning , couldnt be happier :) ( well maybe an extra inch in the waist ) 


they are a tag 31 and measurements are as follows 


waist 30.5 ( just a hair under ) 

front rise 11.5

back rise 14.5

thigh ( at crotch ) 12 


as usual they come beautifully packaged 






the waist is quire small and the rest of the jeans taper out giving quite a loose fit ( fit pics will be at the bottom of the post ) 






lovely dual coloured stitching 



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Yup, definitely getting a pair of Conners later this year. Would like to see some comparisons with the WWII denim.

Leaning towards the WWII pair right now since I don't have a true WWII repo and these look about as true as it gets!

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Yup, definitely at the highest peaks of repro...For now, I'm saving the big denim cash for true vintage, but when I'm ready to break in another pair, these will be my go to (after the Ooe contest and after I break in my OAXX even more lol)...I'm liking these way more than Freewheelers to be honest!

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