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W. H. Ranch Dungarees


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6 hours ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:





I really don't understand what (potential) sexuality has to do with him not delivering the goods but it surely seems to hit a raw nerve for you ;)


Besides that, I think everything about his business model has already been said.

It’s obviously not literal. I’m just mocking his general aesthetic. I’m sure he thinks he looks real hetero-manly and middle-American tough…but it really just looks stereotypically homosexual to me. Most importantly, based on some of the douchebag political beliefs he’s hinted at, I’m sure such commentary would not be to his liking.

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Got these in October of 2015 before the insane wait list. 
My most worn and loves jeans. Wore them while traveling through NZ for my honeymoon. 

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I’ve been hounding him for 2 years asking once every month for an update. Got a response 1/10 times

still don’t have the jeans I ordered In 2016

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19 hours ago, ecsong187 said:


Only took 3 years......

So, actual proof that he DOES still deliver things?

Strange that the jacket took three years, but you've been waiting four for your jeans.

I'm at about 2.5 years on a pair of jeans. I have contacted him once. He's perhaps about due for another prod.

I specifically asked him how long up front. He said he's terrible at estimating, but it could take UP TO a year. I said OK, I won't bother you about it. But I did follow up at the one year mark, just to make sure he had bought the right denim like he said he would.

I would be razzing him a lot more, but I did say that I wouldn't bother him. If I say something, I stick to it...though as I said, I think 2.5 x the longest estimated wait time is worthy of another prod.

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@bartlebyyphonics I sold off all of my WH Ranch stuff except on pair of jeans from 2015. I had them repaired by Indigo Proof but sadly she went a little crazy with the darning and they don’t sit the same as they used to. 
but they have sentiments value so I’ll keep those. 
besides that I have the jacket I just got and one pair of jeans on order. 
I wear my Mister Freedom jeans the most these days. 

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7 hours ago, shredwin_206 said:



5 years later I’ve received my jeans 


Did they just show up one day? Or did he contact you first to finalize the details, find out if you had moved, etc.?

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