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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

Cold Summer

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Simple warm Spring day outfit, trying the new smaller cuffs with more stacking you guys recommended. Excuse the crappy pic, snapped it quick in between classes in the lecture hall.

-Moss New York hat

-Weekend Offender shirt

-Invicta watch

-Naked and Famous Jeans

-Vans Sk8-hi shoes

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Quick snap shot at the street sign exhibit at Seattle's local writer/bomber supply shop Art Primo and thought it made a fun background :).

Pink Dolphin



Naked and Famous

Nike Janoski

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Karasu... I'd recommend losing all your hats and getting a haircut. I think it'd look a lot better!

So trying to reconnect with my Japanese heritage on my dad's side our family has cultural tradition in which I can't quite cut my hair yet until the next phase in my engagement with my fiance which unlike standard engagements have 3 or 4 separate phases depending if you count the bachelor/bachelorette celebration as a phase of its own as some members of my family do consider it, hence the grow out over the past few months.  Secondly the hats I rotate between I like a lot due to my own personal aesthetic in which those appeal to me as a more classic streetwear look that some might find tacky, lame, or hypebeasty however as I previously stated I find classic and have been trying to find more contemporary ways of styling.  They also have very specific sentimental value.  I appreciate the feedback and just thought I'd include this because I don't want my continuing tradition of wearing my hats that don't agree with your guys' ideal aesthetic or cutting my hair quite yet as cocky or arrogant and rather explain my ideas and method to my madness so to say.  If you guys have any suggestions onto what makes the hats look bad or how to style them better to make their look tolerable I'd love to hear them! You guys are also entitled to your opinion and can continue to hate them and share your feelings about em.  Sorry if this was unnecessary explanation but as I said I just wanted to try and avoid seeming like I don't utilize constructive criticism or  anything like that. Thanks for your time!

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