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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

Cold Summer

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Flash, the color of your type 3 is amazing!


Max, it's near Vancouver, British Columbia, just around an hour north on what's called the Sea to Sky highway. For all of you who like scenic drives, this would be a good place to visit!

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Saturday afternoon means it's off to the local for a couple of beers 

First full day of wear 

UES heavy flannel 

SDA 107 

Converse First String 

Cat wondering why I'm disturbing her afternoon nap 


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thanks Flo!

@Pomata ciao Ale! 14 months wear 5 washes but it developed a crazy contrast nonetheless! Only with the very last wash I noticed some relevant discolouring, but the pic doesn't show it. If you look on the TCB thread there's some better pics of the jacket itself.

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that shirt is the bees knees! why did u call it Malpasso? is it for the hippy beach in Italy? it is a stone throw from where I live

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