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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

Cold Summer

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Got another run of cold weather.

Mister Freedom deck jacket.

Real McCoy's Ballpark sweat.

Ooe Yofukuten OA02XX.

Converse 70's.


I feel like my legs look disproportionately small for some reason. Angle I suppose.

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great page guys!

Nizzel, just incredible fades! ***** stars!

you should make a tutorial on how to take photos of denim, too! that would be a great topic for the forum but I am still too bad to start it ahah!

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Thanks volvo240thebest. I am really happy with my 666S.

Taking photos of denim is hard. I am a happy amateur.

The "best" photos I have taken have been on bright but cloudy(like when the sky is completely light grey) days.

Facing the sun.

Direct sunlight can look amazing in reality. But my conclusion is that it is quite bad to capture the denim. Often turns out quite flat.

If I take photos inside the same applies there. I try to stand close to a window so I can get as much natural light as possible.

No direct sunlight.

The background is also important.

Try to experiment with different light and backgrounds.

A solid background is preferable. Like for example a wall.

I use a Canon EOS 50D and I take most of my photos using a Canon 15-85 EFS lens.

I got some program that I got with the camera where I can change brightness and contrast. I usually only change those two parameters. And only a little.

I really need to get better SW.

Other then that. If you can take many photos then you have a better chance that one or two turns out OK. :)

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I use Google Picasa for my photo managing needs and it comes with some basic adjustment tools that usually are good enough for my needs. All my photos come from my smartphone, my wife's iPhone and my DSLR and Picasa makes it easy to just throw everything into one folder and organize it, and that includes video which is shown together with photos - I really need that since I take a lot of video of my baby daughter (and our new puppy). Every camera uses a different filename format and using windows explorer to sort by date taken is just too cumbersome IMO.


You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc. and also crop and geotag with one program, It also automatically backups the original files once you save the edit so you can always undo everything. I'm far too lazy to use several tools when one will do everything I need  :ph34r:

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PBJ Deep Indigo Jacket 

Rogue Territory Denim Western Shirt

Japan Blue x BlueOwl Workshop Deep Blue Monsters

Converse Jack Purcell


The seatbelt fade is coming in strong on my jacket! haha

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You've just confirmed my want for an SG hoodie. Looks great. If I were to guess, you got an XL, that shrank to a size L after a wash, which fits like a M-L in US sizing?

Thanks. It's actually a size large and shrank to a medium

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