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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

Cold Summer

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How do you like your EG jacket? I've been wanting to pick one up for a while now. Workaday right?


great jacket  , works well on its own with just a tee (in warmer weather :) ) and ive felt warm enough layering it with a hoody this past few months 

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After ~ 4 months of effective wear and 3 washes my Unbranded 301 are finally starting to open up, showing more color variation besides the obvious fades. Can't really tell by these pics though ^^







Bob Dong

Bandana by Calamityware



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Yep! Wool blend with some stretch. I've had them for well over a year now too so they're lasting pretty well. But I lose socks sooner than I wear them out lol. They did come with washing instructions but after a few washes and my increasing laziness, they gradually losf those special privileges. They're still great socks though. And cheap too!

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^have you washed the hoodie yet? It Looks like it could benefit from it.

I machine washed it in cold. Yea i agree it could fit better if shrunken some more. I plan to wash it in warm water next time around.

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tcb 50's tuxedo

sauce zhan chambray shirt

tweed vest by???

belt by zissou

rw ir, day one! just got them with an incredibly good esnipe on ebay from a guy who got wrong size! so far so good!

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yeah they look like a great acquisition for my closet. I really needed a pair of boots that worked well with wide hem jeans (Tricker's are not so good for it, but they're just beesknees for 60's style pants). IR fit the bill nicely! And I had them for a mere 110 eur, new!

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