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  1. Yes they do. Coin pocket position is slightly different too.
  2. A few comparison shots: 714 new vs. about 1.5 years of wear:
  3. Civillianaire was started by the people who started Lucky jeans. Don't take anything about them seriously.
  4. I think the whole mainstream raw/heritage menswear thing is pretty much over. The boots/raws/flannel look went out of fashion a while ago, and the kickstarter brands are now chasing after something else. It's fine with me, there will always be people who love to sell jeans and wear jeans, and they won't be going anywhere.
  5. In honor of 3/16 (us crazy Americans put the month first), I took some pics of my 3sixteen 32bsps and compared them with new:
  6. Have they both been washed? My 3sixteen tees shrank a hell of a lot with a wash and dry.
  7. lol your first pic appears to be an asian hooker...might want to get a new host
  8. Stevenson's have a big waist, also I have found that all of my unsanforized pairs will stretch out to raw measurements if needed. I usually just make sure that they fit raw and then I know I'll be good to go after washing/soaking. I only did a short soak b/c of the thighs..not really worried about the waist
  9. Sorry it took me a couple days. Tagged size 32, after a 45 min warm soak and 3 days to stretch back out: Waist: 35" FR: 10.75" BR: 15.5" Thigh: 12" Knee (13" down from crotch): 8.5" Leg opening: 7" Inseam: 34"
  10. Sure, I can measure them when I get home tonight
  11. Here are a few pre-soak pics of my newly-acquired Stevenson 714s. I sized down one from usual because these measure pretty big- the waist on these size 32 is 35" according to the SE website. I'm not looking for much shrinkage so I gave them a rather short lukewarm soak. I'll wear em for a week or so and see how the fit works out, and then possibly do another soak/cold machine wash and hem. I've heard a lot about how this denim is really receptive to frequent washing, so I think I'm gonna do like a once a month soak/wash plan. The denim is pretty hairy, super regular, and refreshingly lightweight. I think the curved pockets and leather-backed buttons are super cool. I'm also not at all crafty or knowledgeable about sewing, but the fully single-needle stitched design is really impressive. There is such a small amount of fabric "overlap" between pieces of the jean that have been sewed together, it's pretty nuts when you compare them to a more conventional pair. I'll post an update in a week or so after a bit of break-in.
  12. It's true, but reddit is a hivemind by design- all of reddit, not just rawdenim. I think reddit mods, including rawdenim mods, try to cut down on the circle jerking but it's just so fundamental to the site functionality that there isn't anything to be done. I visit r/rawdenim often cause I enjoy pics of jeans, but I just gloss over most of the rest.
  13. Every time a redditor calls another redditor an "internet pants friend" god kills a kitten
  14. so true. i'm beginning to realize that there's about 20 IG users who just circlejerk emojis onto each others' daily "buy it for life" pics, and it's always those damn fires and bullseyes
  15. Quick front pic of my 3sixteen 32bsp jeans at about 6 months, 1 hand wash