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WAYWT? [Denim Version] 2015

Cold Summer

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my last thrift score, a vintage gordon tartan duffle coat.

Labelled Goodwood, made by Gloverall. Heavy, and bold!

Got it for a song, then brought it to the tailor for taking in the pit to pit measurements and shorten the arms, the tailor bill was higher than what I paid for it!

paired with TCB 50's and RW moctoes.

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Very nice. The cuff is too "fashionably high" for my tastes, but your clothes are always dope ;)










(I had just pulled up the DD10 Duckdiggers before the pic, normally my ass doesn't eat them like that)

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@cucoo hey man thanks  ;) that jacket is awesome too..is that horsehide?


I highly doubt it - it's a lucky eBay snipe, I wanted to try out an A2 jacket and found this "civilian" A2 inspired one, it's not very repro with the three-panel back and handwarmer slots. But it's a heavy, very decent leather with nice patina, flawless thick ribbing and YKK zipper. Got it for €40 which was a steal in any way. It's made by a (I think now defunct) small German company that probably would be classified as a mall brand, they did various leather jackets and other leather items at "normal" prices. The heaviness of the leather makes me think it's probably 25+ years old since it feels a lot heavier and better made than leather jackets you'd find in typical mall shops nowadays.


But horsehide, I don't think so. I wouldn't even know how to recognize it though :D I gave it a thorough coating with a mustang paste because it felt a bit dry and the leather got a really supple feel now.

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