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WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)


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If you mean the techrunners, my feet just slip into them.  I don't have to untie and tie them everytime.



I want to believe you only tied the shoes you're not wearing for the picture, but i'm honestly scared to know the answer


teddy the kinda kid who fuckin sleeps and shits with his ro.  if a good looking girlie accidently step on his shoes he'd  throw a fit/cry like lil baby.

unless it's like michèle lamy. then he gonna fuck his shoes

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^shut the fuck up charts.  


anyway ayo trim,  r u using TWO bags?  if so, u could opt for just one big one....or is that the new style? happinewyeartho


was on a holiday and using the q10 for easy access to passport, wallet, ciggs etc.

brought out the omitir to store a 1.5l water bottle and shopping loots.


happy new year to you and everyone

may 2015 be a prosperous and fruitful year :)

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