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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 2/14/2023 at 7:49 AM, Willy19 said:


Bundling All Full Packed                                                            J90-DS Alpha size S cond 9/10                
S24-DS-A Alpha size S cond 8/10 (size tag removed)                                              
P30A-DS Alpha size XS cond 9/10

for 1,600$ (basically like get free S24-DS) shipped with EMS fnf add 5% for invoice PP




accept trade with

J73-ws size S

or P38-DS size S black (can add cash)

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J47TS-GT Blk small 9.5/10 USD1400 1300

J1WTS-GT Raf Small 10/10 USD 1200 1000

P30A-DS Alpha green XS 9.5/10 USD1000 900

P23A-S Small Raf 9/10 USD 950 800

P23A-S Small Blk 9/10 USD 900

P23A-DS XS Black 10/10 USD 900

P44-DS XS grey 9.5/10 USD 950 900

For / WTB

P24A-S black XS any condition

J74-PX White Size M

P36-E Small

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On 2/3/2023 at 2:50 PM, ᠪᠣᠷᠵᠢᠭᠢᠨ Sübütei said:

1.  J54-LP in L, 9.5/10 condition(only tried on plus 8 years preservation)
2.  J28-GT from 22FW WHITE in XL, 9.5/10 condition(worn 3-5 times)


J36-S DUO either BLK/RAF or RAF/BLK
in L OR XL plus cash or something else 

If you got one of the J36s and don't want the J54-LP,  please reach for futher details.







Bump and add new WTS listings:

(All full pack unless otherwise noted, prices F&F shipped anywhere, plus fees for G&S)

  1. J50-S BLK M 9.9/10 (no spec/bag but with Stotz tags) Only tried on. $1400
  2. P45-E BLK M 10/10 $1250
  3. V5S-S BLK M 10/10 $490
  4. SP29-M GREY S 10/10  $450
  5. J84-S BLK M 10/10 $1550
  6. J98-SS BLK M 10/10 $2100
  7. J84-S BLK L 10/10 $1550
  8. LA6B-DS AG XL 9.0/10 $800
  9. P41-DS BLK XL 9.0/10 $650
  10. J63A-FO BLK XL 9.9/10 $1500 (no spec/bag but with Gore tags)
  11. KR-SM1 10/10 $600
  12. P44-DS GREY XL 9.5/10 $750
  13. J36-S NIGHT XL 7.0/10 $1200 
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FS: J1b-GT in dust size Large

$1k shipped f&f or add 3%

see photo below, arm a little crinkly from storage, worn probably 10 times total could use a tech wash to freshen it up, but I live in socal and we truly hardly ever get any rain. Will include bag and spec sheet.


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On 2/12/2023 at 8:54 AM, kobebean said:


3A-3TS Black Foil $350 net -- pics here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/40775060-acronym-3a-3ts-black-foil

9/10 J91-WS black XS $700 net -- pics here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/41385742-acronym-j91-ws


My J28-WS small 


P30A-DS 1.0 small 

P27H-DS small


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16 hours ago, wimcrouwel said:

Huge shoutout to @ᠪᠣᠷᠵᠢᠭᠢᠨ Sübütei

We did a big trade, very smooth, good communication and a good guy. He's the real deal.

Same to this super legit dude. Definitely will connect to a fellow enthusiast and learn a ton of acronym shit, as I have, just hit him up for steals and grails.

Edited by ᠪᠣᠷᠵᠢᠭᠢᠨ Sübütei
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On 2/13/2023 at 12:27 PM, Bratwurst said:

Hey everyone I’m new to this and hope I’m doing it right. 


P23A-DS FW22/23 RAF XS 9.5/10 full pack or trade for size S any color condition 9+ 1100USD++

Pics: https://grailed.app.link/laYFCkMzoxb



J47ts S

J36-GT S

J28-K (long shot i know) any color S



•P23A-DS RAF XS 9.5/10 990USD

•J1B-GT RAF S 9/10 1300USD

Everything Full Pack

Shipping from EU 



•J28-GT FW1718 S


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