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1 hour ago, karakum said:

Lol, you know CH is partly made from synthetic fibres as well, right? CH is as much plastic as DS, really.

-CH is 50 percent cotton => less plastic than - DS. So, he's right. 

Also irl it's feels more like natural fabric tho. 

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I made a detailed review of the J111TS-CH which I think is such a great jacket. This is my second Acronym youtube video after the J1A Comparison that I posted here a while back. 

There's a quite deep look at TEC SYS in this review and I go into using military modulars as well as Acronym ones like the 3A-MZ5s. 

One really cool unadvertised thing about this jacket is that the hand pocket lining is sewn in such a way that it basically provides two extra pockets within the lining on each side. 

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drop b previews now up.

j1b description copy never fails to make me laugh. “J1B is built with nodal point weathered drone assassin math. 7 anatomic pockets allow for digital cardboard realism and sub-orbital saturation points. Interopsǽ for frictionless free-market fetishism drugs. Asymmetric DIY 3rd Arm Legba refrigerator. Removable beef noodles franchise vinyl.”

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