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On 11/2/2023 at 12:01 PM, mariahscarry said:

Received J110TS-GT from HBX yesterday, the design itself is impressive but upon wearing the jacket I realized that the stitching was missing from three different locations; 

Right side top part of the Tec-Sys, Top side of the Mid-Flap, and the top side of two of the Velcro patches around the neck of the Storm Hood when unfolded. Not sure if this was one person's job in the factory and it was accidentally overlooked on this jacket specifically, but the QC sticker was on the label so.... Kinda odd that it managed to get past QC without them noticing especially the Mid-Flap as it was very apparent after I was wearing the jacket myself. 

Overall, the design is actually very impressive. J51-WS fit perfectly underneath and did not restrict any arm movement like I experience with J1B-GT. Wish the QC issues didn't exist as I would've loved to test this out on my upcoming vacation to NYC but I'll probably roll through Antithesis or Kith and see if I can purchase it again without the sewing issues. Also wanting to checkout P15-DS.


Has anyone else experienced this issue with J110? Mine was a size large, I'm assuming this was just a production issue. 

Thanks for posting this. I bought a J110TS-GT from the MS. It is a Large in Alpha Green. I have checked my jacket against the flaws you have found on your jacket. everything seems fine.

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7 hours ago, isomug said:

The pertex j1a is crazy thin in person, you can see a bunch of the inside seams in the light 

Pertex is extremely lightweight and breathable, plus it's white so it makes sense for it to be translucent. Really hoping this surfaces in the coming seasons.

The camo Colette jacket however, is straight up transparent when shown against the light at invariance, moreso than the pertex 1a. You can kind of see here how much more thin the fabric is here around the sleeves.


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11 hours ago, Sureal said:

ya. too big and small at the same time

Size chart definitely looks off, but having tried on couple sizes of the J70-BU, I think one should also consider the thickness and stiffness of the Burel wool fabric. The fabric is quite thick and stiff, gives it a very 3D, slightly boxy look.

If you take those into account, the jacket is pretty true to size (straight fit), apart from maybe the sleeve length (not very forgiving as you can't stack it).

You will also want to wear long sleeves underneath (yes, its itchy), but this jacket is a work of art and very pleased to see acrnm took its time with this jacket.

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20 hours ago, mariahscarry said:

oh we’re leaking?

They posted abt it on IG a couple months ago but nice flex lol


4 hours ago, Flipflop214 said:


Yep, spikes on everything & if you thought recent new models were bad....

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All Spikes will be removeable by Velcro, so if you don’t like it just don’t attach it. 

I am really looking forward to add some ACRONYM branded spikes to my collection tbh. Not sure if it will be the j36 or the j1w for me, both got their pros and cons. 

For the pants, you can just switch the quick release if you don’t like the spikes. Afaik this will be the only spot where they are attached, also with Velcro. 

For me the 24 stuff is definitely more interesting then a lot of stuff from the past two years. 

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@leg yeah got you, old acronym is in some terms better, I am personally stuck somewhere around 2017 with the stuff atm. 

There is a lot of stuff I personally don’t like from the past two years at least, yet I am still into the brand as there are constantly interesting pieces dropping. Maybe it’s kind of tricky to just drop nice pieces at this scale they are currently operating, I don’t know.



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