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  1. MNB


    In my experience it's usually a Sunday at around 17:00 German time, sometimes a Monday
  2. MNB


    Yeah, it happened to me as well, but everything got cleared with a photo of my ID card and I had to do it only on the first purchase. I wouldn't share my credit card either, but I thought that a photo of my ID wouldn't be that harmful. You can call the customer service that works quite well... they are a big group owning brands like OFF-white and Palm Angels, not some newcomers...
  3. MNB


    P17, P31 basic or P33 far more solid choice for a reboot
  4. MNB


    nikwax tx direct should do the trick
  5. MNB


    I would trust more the length than the width and go for an M
  6. MNB


    Pretty sure they're counting the splits in the deep pockets... ----------------------------------------------------------- I really like the new camel color, but I'm gonna pass on this drop. A bit disappointed on the pants honestly... P10 got another iteration while the previous one was still available in all sizes. P39 are oki, but I was hoping for something new instead of basically a P9 re-edition. I'm regretting I passed on the P31 right now...
  7. MNB


    SS22 up on mother site...
  8. MNB


    From what I found on another retailer, the p39 should be in Milliken TactX™ Stretch My two cents: I'd prefer them with a tapered hem...
  9. MNB


    I ve always attached U locks to the bike itself. Chain locks are often wrapped in some bright/reflective color so carrying it as a strap would improve visibility for cars to avoid you... or for those trying to play Carmageddon with you
  10. MNB


    Still no clues about the next drop? Are we gonna wait until may/June?
  11. MNB

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Dropped on the mother site as well: https://www.stoneisland.com/wx/stone-island-shadow-project/coats-jackets Beside the fluo colors, I actually quite like this season
  12. MNB


    Go back to page 719 and see some images about a common tearing issue in the inside panel. Otherwise DS has far less issues that can be related to abrasion than Stotz (fading) or GT (delamination).
  13. MNB


    Hi folks, I've been a silent reader for a couple of years, but 2022 seemed like the right year to join this community more actively. Just wanted to say hi with this and hope I can give some good contributions in the future...
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