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Yeah, they get it wrong all the time. The firmament guy used to have it over his left arm.




You can sometimes get your arm through it on the left while you're putting the jacket on. It's not uncomfortable, works just as well as having it behind. It actually makes it impossible to get the plastic buckle stuck between your back and a chair (which is sometimes annoying).

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In what world is Acronym not 'avant garde boutique design'?

By definition it is. But not categorically. I wouldn't describe it as that.

For me avant garde boutique designers are more like Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and CCP. Who I would like to stereotype by saying they make hood designs like this:


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Damn the j43 is SIIIICCKKK!!! Waiting for the movie tho :)


The new pants aren't really my thing but they look much better on the dude @ haven and erlsn than the end was trying to pass off 


J41 still looks like a pain but it sure looks cool

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Think End is officially in the doghouse. Everyone has launched, and they've pulled all listings / countdown from the site lol.


Wish more retailers were stocking the -J40, pricing not so competitive...




^snagged from End once they re-listed. The garbadine material should be a nice switch.

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