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The vertical falling of that WW denim is great… quite pronounced compared to other FW denim and I like that the density of the threads is quite tight / more evenly distributed giving a more cohesive appearance.

Seems like other examples - from other brands - with strong vertical falling use various density threads and tend toward a more uneven / irregular fade pattern… can look great (ie: flathead), but with a lot of brands going overboard on ‘texture’ it can look distracting and ugly, IMO.

In any case, these pairs are looking great. I’ve been wearing my Denime 220 for the past few months, but plan on getting back into my FW 47 / 51 here pretty soon to mix things up.

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@mstax sorry for confusion. I found my button on the floor of the porta potty at work. 
This morning I took my needle and thread and decided to sew it back on. 

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@shredwin_206 That’s the appeal of cotton threads to me 🙂 I would just handstitch it with a simple running stitch. Leave the rest of the chainstitch as is. Do a couple extra stitches where the chainstitch ends and it won’t come undone any further that easy. Best to use a dark blue thread to match the denim. Keeps the worn in / broken stitches look.

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2 hours ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

Get it darned yea? Still plenty of life there. 

Yea going to try to Kapital/Sashiko style hand mend it since it’s not too bad yet. Might also hand sew the unraveling chai stitch hem 

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