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Whaaa?! Seriously hope you're fucking with me, otherwise these will become my new never nude cut-offs. Given the inseam measured 35" raw then I'd be highly surprised if SDA intended the jeans to be 30" post-wash. Most accurate info I could find suggested about a 2-3" shrink (cold to hot). Anyway, here are some sd-103s with other Take 5 SDA loot.


They also had some awesome Acecook x SDA collabo t-shirts but I couldn't justify the price... Even with some free Acecook noodles thrown in...




That said, T5 prices after membership (20% discount) are actually extremely reasonable, and some of the best you will find outside Japan. The guys in the store were super friendly too.

Sweet! love the shirt.is it limited or not?cause i'll be visiting HK this summer and i was wondering if i could still get one of those

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^ for reference, i sized down 1 on my SDA 103 and went raw from start so they feel/look "tight" but that's how i like them. They are just snug IMO.

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