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I'm going to assume...BiG (Blue in Green).


Found it. I'm not sure if you wanted the link to get that particular hoodie, or if you wanted a hoodie.

You can always get $10 fleece hoodies at Walmart :)

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Guest redchris
I have some SDA D1236's I'm selling but I can't find any information on them anywhere.They seem similar to the X-26 Xmas model and are also stamped no 227 on the inside pocket out of 300 I think.

Can anyone point me to a link with info please?


cheers mate,




Love 'em.

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Cross post from evo.

Some quick (again - although hopefully you can see more) snaps of my SDA101. Not washed since the last post, but repaired a crotch rip, and a couple of other bits. In need of a wash and more repairs...not sure how many washes....maybe 6 total. 14 months of wear.






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Guest rusholmeruffian

I was crying like a little boy the other day about the MF CPO shirt I sold last year.

So I got this to cheer myself up!




I love those hidden button-down collars

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^ Sewious? Actually, I want one too, but I'm holding out for some hanging loop-wheeled stuff from them later on.

Most SDA stockists should have them this month - not sure about the situation outside Japan though.

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