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  1. Urban Techwear

    Not this most tech but super clean and on sale as fuck RN. http://seven-points.com/product/mason-jacket/
  2. Sales

    These guys are having a pretty heavy flash sale RN with like 70% off I love Ugly and Scotch and Soda. http://seven-points.com/2015-summer-flash-sale/
  3. Sales

    www.seven-points.com is having a new years flash sale with items up to 70% off today.
  4. Sales

    Everything at www.seven-points.com is 25% off Coupon Code: 25%ForTheHomies EDIT: Looks like there's a 15% sale if you sign up for their newsletter, but it won't stack with the 25% off code Still not bad.
  5. Absolutely epic Ice Cream Shirt from Dry Bones - originally retailed for $245 and sold out from selfedge in 24 hours. I had to track it down and have it shipped overseas. Embarrassed to say what I paid for it LOVE this shirt, but was never able to wear it. It is a Large but fits like a slim Medium. PERFECT condition $200 + shipping E-mail me at NTWilson88 at GMAIL Thanks!
  6. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    I've got that shirt - It's my favorite shirt ever.
  7. It It was rad but the sound system was garbage.
  8. If I were you guys I'd totally use this project as an excuse to visit japan and write it off as a business expense. Would be SUPER interesting to have a walk through of both CONE and a Japanese Mill
  9. im in LA and have a beat up pair of flatheads I'd be down to show you Also, unless it undermines Kiya's participation for loyalty reasons or something (although they aren't REALLY competitors), I would get in touch with the guy who owns Schaffers Garment Hotel in LA. He'd be very interesting to interview and has a passion for denim as well.
  10. DJs?

    I thought M.M. was just being a troll but I really hate your track selection. Regardless, there is a place for every kind of DJ, and you're definitely skilled. Mixes and fx are on pint. The 900 is the best thing ever haha. I am in love with it. I swore I wasn't going to get a pioneer, really wanted an ecler evo4 or an A&H. So glad I didn't.
  11. DJs?

    just bought a djm-900
  12. Worst feelings, ever

    Finding a chick that you think isn't crazy or dramatic, investing yourself into a relationship, then getting blindsided when you find out she really is crazy and dramatic. Wasn't even that hot either Just had the 'not dramatic/down to earth' thing going for her. Bummer. what a waste of time.
  13. DJs?

    Just buy 1200s. If you can't swing that, just make sure its at least mag driven and not a belt turntable. U can't DJ with a belt driven table.