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    I found my old backup after your post and did this lil weekend project http://acrdb.com If anyone has First Edition Kit on hand and could scan booklet, please lmk
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    Bidding a very fond farewell to my 1001X, a 2008 model that I purchased (new) in ~2010. These have always looked great regardless of weight fluctuations over the years and I’ve yet to find a pair that fits better. Unfortunately, these are worn so thin that they’re due for retirement. I’ll bring them in for one more repair, after which they’ll mainly live in my closet.
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    Carhartt, lee, carhartt, lee, vans
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    Hello lovely people of sufu I am still alive! Madras by De Paz Bologna White jeans by Ranger Vintage Sockless paraboot Michael
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    Hi all, long time lurker! Just thought I'd share my warehouse lot800 which are about 8 years old. Have worn these to death. edit - apologies for phone pics
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    Started to get a bit cooler here in Sweden so started wearing jeans again. Haven’t been completely faithful to the 40’s though. Missed about 2-3 months maybe. Feels like they get better every wash. Can’t really say how many washes they’ve been through but maybe 7-8. Line dry except 1 trip in the dryer. Patch is still quite smooth and supple. Might have given it some mink oil early on.
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    I think I've got a new hobby now... Merz - Denime 66 - Veja
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    Hi everyone! I made a closet a while ago. Make the space here a closet. Of course, while consulting with my daughters. I attached a frame and a middle shelf. The rest is the door. I used an old scaffolding board for the door frame. The door is a French herringbone. done! My daughter is also satisfied with the result!Haha And my recent pair! The back pocket also has a nice atmosphere!
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    J99 came in. The wide fit is a welcome change from the other slimmer insulators - pretty sure I could fit two of me in here. Incredibly versatile too. It can take on several silhouettes depending on how you close it, and it looks good over everything from a tee and cargos to suiting. Definitely the choice for static warmth in the cold. And the welt pockets are cavernous - no issues fitting a 1L nalgene.
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    Hi everyone! On September 9th my pair turned one year old.Hahaha When I was wearing a window frame at work, I sat on a window sill with waterproof tape, and the tape stuck to my butt ... OMG That is also a good memory.
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    Decided to put this metal detactor to good use and find us some gold doubloons Vintage ww2 usmc vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 25th 50's vans Jack wearing his Nippers N01 jeans All we ended up finding was a fiver in change from my pocket , Jack thinks he's on to a winner though
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    FW x 3 (WWII tux, Trailblazer) / Big Yank / Lofgren
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    fit pics of my new 1001xx. same pair and size as @Cold Summer i actually sized UP to a 31 in these. i typically wear a 29 or 30 in most jeans. i wanted a slightly looser fit with these for messing around.
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    Same as usual but got my sidekick Me Vintage ww2 usmc deck vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1 Jack Vintage 507xx Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1
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    Here’s a couple of shots I took which were on ig a few weeks ago
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    McCoys jacket ( decided not to sell ) Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Vans
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    Bridge Of The Times is a one man brand run and operated by Masatoshi Takenaga. BoT was founded in 2020 and is located in the Hino district of the Tottori prefecture. BoT focuses on reproducing '47 jeans, specifically the 824XX T-47 model with a slew of vintage sewing machines ranging from the 1920's to 1960's. Additionally BoT has started branching out to offer a 506XX reproduction (the 806XX) as well as other limited cinchback model jeans. These can be seen on his Instagram feed. Currently these jeans are only available for purchase via two methods: actually visiting his shop in person to try them on for size, and domestically in Japan via Instagram during specified time slots. BoT is not currently offering international orders, but I am hoping to find a way to get a pair myself as his work seems quite good! There's not a lot of information out there about the brand since it is pretty new, so I thought I would start a thread to wrangle in the discussion in a dedicated place. Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/masatoshi_takenaga/ Website link: https://bot.storeinfo.jp (photos credited to the BoT website linked above)
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    tradition hat Buzz evilact trophy wesco
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    Many photos coming, be warned. I turned 40 this last week and took a motorcycle trip through some of the Eastern Seaboard. We rode into Mystic, CT from Brooklyn and stayed the night. We visited the historic seaport along with their little old town village where we had very contemporary vegan donuts and coffee. It was nice to see that they recognized the singular history they had been telling and had erected a series of "The Sea Unites Us" plaques to tell stories of the ocean not belonging to exclusively white men. Met an old timer there with a great old time Americana tattoo. Our second stop was Provincetown, MA. Just gorgeous everything: food, people, queerdos, bungalows and weather. We stayed for two nights and could easily have stayed longer. After that it was a pit stop overnight in Springfield, MA where we blew the opportunity to get pictures of the bikes in front of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame that was literally across the parking lot from our hotel. *face palm* It was a lovely way to usher in a new year. I think the 800 or so miles whipped a bit of indigo out the jeans. I'll be washing and documenting again soon. Loving the updates everyone! So many gorgeous pairs. I wouldn't know where to cast a vote.
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    SC x Junky 46's Last washed in May, i haven't worn them regularly since, the knee has gone through and they're getting a bit frail (i only ever get 2-3yrs wear out of a pair of jeans so these have done pretty damn well) it's been 8 months since the last wash so they were in dire need. All photos taken in the rain Grimey pre-wash.. Post-wash Pre Post
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    Dedicate to @bartlebyyphonics filson schott tcbww2contest

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