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Roy. (expurgated edition)


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Fuck yeah. Makes me even more anxious to get mine. I like the slight curve to the inner stitching (i guess it might be called top stitching) of the back pockets towards the bottom corners.


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First off let me start by telling how much a joy it's been corresponding with Roy throughout the ordering process. Always informed and ready to help, Roy is an inspiration with his detailed knowledge/expertise in the craftsmanship it takes to make jeans at his level. The amount of skill shines through his creations and is evident in the details. "The denim doesn't lie" as I always say, and it's true that Roy gets it....

Now, onto the experience itself (sorry for all the rotated pictures, too lazy to turn, I hate photobucket):





A MOUNTAIN of denim scraps (I just requested that he put in the left over hems to which he responded "don't worry, I'll put a bunch in")! The next bit that got me going was this piece of paper hand drawn by Roy to further personalize the order (My last name is "Casino").


By the time I got to the jeans I was all giddy...Here are the pictures to explain why:



Thick patch...




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Continuing on...










As you can tell, these are a hefty pair of jeans. The denim itself is smooth to the touch and I can't wait to see how they'll fade. There's no question I'll be wearing these jeans for a while...and hard at that, until the next time I order from Roy. Hopefully, that will be soon! ;) The attention to detail and love for the craft is infectious after holding a pair...I suggest ordering a pair before he gets backed up with order after order...

Measurements for a size 32:

waist 31

front 11.25

back 14.45

thigh 12

knee 8.5

inseam 34.5

lo 8.25

More updates after I soak including fit pics pre and post soak...

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Booom!!! Bitches!!! I am loving this thread. Can't wait for mine. It feels good that as a consumer you can support a single person doin what he likes.

I want to see some pre/post soak fit pics.

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Pre-soak pics taken in haste...Should've used a better angle in the first, doesn't really represent the fit as well...btw, I should note that I sized true to waist measurements...



It pains me to say, but I won't be able to soak these babies until tomorrow, but pics up as soon as they dry!

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i wish he made slimmer cuts

Slimmer cuts are for nancy boys.

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looking good!

are they really undersized by one?

on his pages he states that they run true to tag size or how does he measure?

Yeah I was a bit thrown off by that as well, not sure but I probably made a mistake somehow. He measures by pulling both sides of the waist band together so that they match up (ala BiG, etc)...

As far as slimmer cuts, I have a feeling this pair will be perfect for me post soak...Slim just isn't for me anymore (most people really, unless you are sidneylo skinny...whats up sid lol) but these are actually slim enough if you look at the measurements...

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Details brotha!

How much did they shrink? How do you like the fit post soak? And how does it feel to be the ROY denim pioneer?

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Sorry about the feet. I have no tripod so I try to rest the camera on a surface, but tilting is tricky. I'll work on it. The waist shrank 1.5ish inches, nice snugging up. They didn't shrink very much in inseam length, but the drying process was really slow so I think that perhaps when washed they will shrink a couple more inches. They are nice and stiff, combs are already creased after around an hour of wearing them. Super comfy! Will post more photos when I get time!

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Getting impatient to see user pics, I bought some SDA 103's....I should have waited! (although the SDA are dope as hell). I would feel guilty if I bought these...I would then have 2 brand new pairs. So hard to resist though...

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Denim is very nice post soak...It'll be just a bit on the pics and post measurements though as it turns out I have strep throat :X

Very dark denim, almost purple, reminds me of the depth of FH 3XXX mixed with the texture of my former 555 LVC 1947's...Damn I can't wait to put these on!

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Alright quick update...Due to illness I've just been lazying around in PJ's but tried the jeans on for a quick bit because I was dying to know how they'd turn out. My verdict? Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for! A great, "modern" fitting high rise jean with all the bells and whistles of a proper repro...The denim is still very stiff so of course it's going to fall a bit awkwardly but once everything calms down, it will all be lovely.

Pre and Post for those wondering:

waist 31 29

front 11.25 10.75

back 14.45 13.25

thigh 12 11.45

knee 8.5 8.25

inseam 34.5 32.5

lo 8.25 8

And some pics (didn't take many as I want to wait for the denim to soften up a bit more...Of course I'll have more up at that time!)


And the denim:




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Trust when I say that the pictures don't do justice...They also fit a lot better now that I broke them in a bit, definitely worth the price! Basically a WH660 with higher rise and a little bit wider hem, since I know you're familiar with that cut medine...

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