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Roy. (expurgated edition)


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My knowledge of Zim is poor, but I think they cultivate a short staple cotton, Albar . I'm speculating, but perhaps this could be valued for denim making in the same way certain Japanese 'repro' brands have developed jeans made from short staple cotton.



There's probably also longer staple cotton grown...


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I am still contemplating. i have an unworn pair of Sammies in my closet. But in the end I want to support someone like Roy, especially since his price is so cheap and the jeans embody every standard i have of jeans (I am assuming since I haven't seen them in person). Plain, well-made, yet hip.

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Those are beautiful.

I see he chainstitches the full waistband. What with that and the belt loops etc. etc., he seems to have a Japanese-style approach to detailing.

Impressive stuff.

DO remember hat Henry's jeans, featured on Denim News, while staggering, are not the one you get for his standard price! They were a custom job.

Henry posts here occasionally, it would be lovely to see him back.

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I popped! Gonna have a sweet little surprise for y'all.

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Oops, I ended up buying a pair ;) They're going to ship on Monday so updates when they arrive of course

Sizing info for a size 32:

Before washing:

a true 32 inch waist

11.125 front rise

15.25 back rise

11.875 thigh

8.25 knee

8.25 hem

ESTIMATED shrinkage:

waist 30.5

front 10.5

back 14.5

thigh 11.5

knee 8

hem 8

Bonus: Another denim picture


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Nice article. Haven't seen that one. On a similar note: This dude's gangsta. I can't wait to get my jeans from him. 10 days or so he says.

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I'm in Chicago so who knows if the post will come on time (never usually does...crossing fingers) but damn, Roy is a pleasure to deal with, always prompt and helpful with questions. I also asked for a bunch of scraps of denim as well so I'll probably be doing some experiments on them and will post the results on here...

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No clue...I didn't ask but assume that my pair is being made from scratch after order since it's going to take a few days for them to be sent out (he said by Monday)...My guess is that once order volume picks up, he'll start making standard pairs but of course I don't know for sure...

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sounds like we've got a denim race on our hands.

who will win?

Aho or rnrswitch?

only time will tell.

I assume aho's. Mine are a little special. Pics to come when I get mine.

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I was going to order some chainstitch embroidery on the bottom of the jeans right above the leg opening. I usually double cuff so it wouldn't show when I wore the jeans, just when they were uncuffed and "displayed." It would have just been some hidden detail.

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Fit Pics:


AWWWW: (sharpied)



These are beautiful jeans. I think they're going to be my summer dress pair. They fit almost perfectly unsoaked, little bit of starchy wiggle room that will evaporate nicely when that happens. The denim is nice stuff, very mildly slubby, got a sheen to it. Construction is awesome. Cut is a bit slimmer than my SExIH07s, in a nice way.

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