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  1. Getting a bunch of interest, so get em while they are.... hot? fresh? jeans? something.
  2. Sorry all, but I forgot to mention - $120 is shipped within the US only, I'll charge slightly more for shipping internationally. Sorry for the confusion, I've rarely had so much international interest in jawnz.
  3. Thanks! I DEARLY wish those Warehouses in your sig were a couple sizes smaller, myself...
  4. Bought not too tight's 1966s, but they are too loose (ironic?). Somebody who is slightly bigger than me give them a good home!
  5. JUST bought these off not too tight and realized they are way too big. My bad! They're one-wash (I think he soaked them once, too). Looking to get $120 shipped within the US (slightly more for international, depending on where you are) since that's what I payed. They're very beautiful, authentic, Made in the USA, etc., but I'm too small! I'm using his pics and measurements, since I just got the package, tried them on, and realized they were not the right size. Measurements - W - 15.75" FR - 11.5" BR - 15.75 UT - 12" K - 8.5" LO - 7.75" I - 30.5" Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  6. Argh why aren't these a damn 30. Free bump.
  7. This looks fantastic. love what you are doing, gun. I'm working on a couple of pairs at the moment, but after that, I am sorely, sorely tempted by a pair of Straight Fit in #1 denim with custom arcs, red tab, wreath/union buttons, and a slight taper. That's like my perfect jean right there.
  8. I'll try to get some pics up in the next couple of days - I've washed mine a bunch and they are SERIOUSLY "not blue", especially when I put them next to jeans that are actually blue, like my Momotaros.
  9. Really psyched to see these new Kuroki Tellasons. Are they in shops (i e Unionmade) already? I should get some pics up of my JGMs - the crotch has been massively reconstructed by the Self Edge guys, and they are looking pretty nice for about 8-9 months wear. The non-crocking Cone denim has become really interesting - weird "non-blue color", very yellow-y fades, and tons of vertical action. I'll get some pics when SF weather decides to stop being a bitch.
  10. Just a small preview of my 0701s. Got in July, started wearing in mid-Oct. Just soaked for the second (third, counting initial) time. Need some repairs to the crotch More pics to come, eventually... Uploaded with
  11. I had the exact same problem with the exact same size, so here's a free bump!
  12. The only time I ever noticed a smokey smell on my Tellasons was when I drank too much scotch while camping and got acquainted with the firepit... But I also don't smell my pants too frequently, so maybe they did smell special at first. Right now they probably just smell like month-and-a-half-old grundle. They are going on 6.5 months, 5 washes, though, so i will get some pictures up soon. I clumsily repaired my wallet hole with some cotton duck I got from ROY Slaper, and overall, I'm really happy with the very unique qualities of these Mellors. Once they start to get really fuxxxed I'll start to rotate in my Momotaros.
  13. A couple of the best pages ever. +rep to seafinch, xxxl, and was ist los? for sure
  14. Another funny face Jcrew Fred Perry Tellason Vans
  15. Yeah, chatted with Pete and Tony about it at the UM party. Hopefully I didn't just totally blow up their spot by leaking it...