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2 hours ago, Sansome1877 said:

I always assumed that the Levi triple pleat that seems to disappear in the 1880’s was never really used again, but it clearly was on the page before this one….wonder who made it?

If you're talking about Talon's post (from Pinterest) on the previous page, that chap in the triple pleat? - that's from the lvc lookbook/photo shoot from the (l think) first run of that jacket (hey check my one in the Superdenim sales Thread). It's so 'aged' looking that it could pass muster.


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The second pic- I zoomed in and there are rivets under closer inspection- pretty sure this dude is wearing a 1800’s triple pleat Levi jacket- the collar is correct if you zoom up, crazy, forget looking at 1800’s photos- I think this is the one.

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6 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

What about the lovechild of Sean Penn and Gary Oldman in the 3rd photo? Is he an LVC model, a late 19th century futurist or a mid-20th century dude in an old jacket?

Looks more like a Robert Deniro and Jean Reno cross breed to me 🤣

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