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Waywt 2018 (denim version)


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Just love breaking in a fresh/crisp pair of RAWs in the F/W time.  

The presence of remaining starch embedded in the yarn, after soak, serves as barrier to semi-repel the cold NYC wind ... also,  I don’t need to bother w/ the discomfort of sticky sweat & [eventual] overbearing odor of a stale grungy pair of jeans.

By S/S,  they’d been washed &/or soaked a couple of times ... therefore, softer & more breathable. 

•FOB f151 •IH Shirt •Post O’All Jacket •Trickers Malton •Dayton Driver 





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@JDelageI started to get a Two Moon sweat shirt, but Buzz measurements were hard to pass off and they even offer a XXL in case this XL I ordered doesn't work from Rodeo Bros.  It was either Buzz or Hinoya but I didn't like Hinoya's design in the back of the neck on their sweatshirts.  

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41 minutes ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

@volvo240thebest jeans look great! it's your slimmest pair right now?

it's just as slim as my Porky's in size 34. They actually fit pretty similar.

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