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Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

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On 08/12/2017 at 12:29 PM, bartlebyyphonics said:

^ excellent!

the stones / minerals collection is excellent and retains good layout rather than 'interactive' button bashing that invades most of the science museum (although; whilst your in that area, the ironwork section of v&a is small but has some crazy lock-key examples, and aviation section of science museum has good planes and garments)

Yeah! Haven’t been at this museum for 35 years, but I didn’t like the dinosaurs section and all the modernized sections. Did V&A earlier this year - loved the jewelry sections.

Went for Nopi after the museum had to be evacuated for unknown reasons...






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^ yup

dino section all animatronix and over-wrought papier-mâché...

with the mineral vitrines and v&a jewellery; you can actually encounter the object-in-itself without a ton of mediation...

[for researching purposes... v&a also has good reference only library - the national art library - with top special collections / print reference that can be dwelt upon if time is given... and they have a serious textile research resource in olympia too...]

enjoy the rest of your trip!


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Great updates everyone! 

Also just want to appreciate how far we've come technologically with the news that @Uncle Karl is using Google translate. Might not be as obvious for non-Japanese readers, but it's such a huge advance in accuracy and nuance that didn't exist in even the past two years or so, I'm seriously so mind blown. It's not perfect of course, but wow! Makes sense given the release of the Pixel Buds but I hadn't been paying much attention otherwise


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Bit of a pic update:  Jeans are progressing as expected for someone as sedentary as myself. Im seeing a few speck of rust on teh buttons so that should start to evolve shortly.   Desk life sucks, but alas...

The knees took a bit of wear the other day because I got stuck in a slide at a park chasing my daughter around.  Of course as I was struggling to get out all the other kids thought it was hilarious and decided to slide in on top of me creating even more constipation in teh slide.  Once I finally managed to wriggle free it was a diarrhea explosion of kids and myself, exposed rivets scraping the shit out of the inner guts of the slide haha.  

Last pics are from our back yard.  This cocky little white spider went full on with his meal then realized I was watching and it decided to shoo me away also.  


Pics taken with a Fuji XPro-2 and an adapted 35mm Zeiss Biogon 2.8.  Macro's are a Canon 6D and Tamron 90mm 2,8 VC







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19 minutes ago, nycsurfer530 said:

@garden gnomes in spaceHow do you like the Zeis lense? I have the Fuji x-t20 and I’m looking for a prime just a little wider than 35

its great but I wouldnt buy it solely for your Fuji.  The 1.5x crop factor makes it function roughly the same as a 50mm in full frame terms.    Its about $1000 new.  I use it for film work with my Leica M6.  The Fuji 23mm f2 is an awesome lens and its on my XPro2 99% of the time.  I think its a bit wider than 35, about 33mm if you wanna pick nits.  

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Good stuff, everybody. Certainly nothing resembling snow here in Charleston, but it did drop to near freezing temps the last few nights.

After years in Denver, I'm now busy recalibrating recipes for low altitude and high humidity (e.g., ye olde brown sugar spice cookies):


A few pics of the crazy wrinkles produced by my initial hot soak. I squished them into a pail since my go-to soaking tub seems to have been lost in the move. I figured they would have smoothed out by now, butthey've decided to stay and add some funky character instead:



Trying out some Brooks Brothers braces I picked up cheap on ebay. Perfect for online banking. ;)



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