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TCB: happy jeans contest


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Hi guys, today the TCB's and I were in Verona for work and we were lucky enough to have some time to kill in one of the raddest places in the country!

We started off with a great meal and great wines with some Veronese friends.

Risotto all'Amarone


Great selection of salami and prosciutto



Ripasso and Amarone were great, wines from Valpolicella are up there in my favorites



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Hey, I love Verona. My 1800S broke down there, regulator burned out, I spent a fabulous afternoon with a fella who was rewiring a Porsche 360 and various lambrettas.


Got a new regulator for about half the price it would have been in the UK. Many of my breakdowns in that car have been great fun... especially the time I had to be towed onto a car ferry to San Sebastian.

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So, what beauty spots do we have to compare to fair Verona? 


I'd actually put aside my TCB in advance of a wash, but donned them for a trip to Whitstable - a lovely town in Kent, fast becoming gentrified... but I guess that probably started with the Romans, who built a beautiful fort nearby, and invaded Britain mainly for the oysters, I believe. Whitstable is a great place for them, they have their own native.


In the days I was on salary I'd eat at the slapup restaurants there... now I"m freelance it's usually crab sandwiches on the beach - which is every bit as good. THey come from a lovely old restaurant called Wheeler's; pictured is one of their beautiful mini crab and prawn tarts. Didn['t have time to photograph anything else from our selection as it disappeared so quickly.




nipper in his Uniqlo Kaihara...








Me wrestling for supremacy with pooch....



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Now, in traditional Brit seaside fashion, the nipper wanted to visit an amusement arcade. THe local one had closed down, so we visited a nearby town called Herne Bay.


Now, if Whitstable is being gentrified, Herne Bay is slowly deteriorating (while its denizens get fatter and fatter). Does Italy have somewhere with this sense of style, I ask you?


This is the parade of shops facing the beach: 






amusement arcade: machines date from, what, the 80s?




This Georgian memorial demonstrates this was once a thriving town...


But no longer...



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Locals have maybe visited the chipshop too often




But at least the previous guy  was actually mobile! There are a lot of these around...




I noted this trendy shop a coupla visits ago. He actually had some beautiful Tootal dressing gowns but only in huge sizes!

Whaddya think, is this jumper really me?





THey say some people come to these sad, neglected seaside resorts to die. That's what happened to the creatures in the windows of Vic's boutique, anyway...



As a final sign-off from this unique town; these are some of the prizes from the Amusement Arcade...



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Now, if Whitstable is being gentrified, Herne Bay is slowly deteriorating (while its denizens get fatter and fatter).

As the residents injure themselves attempting to carry their extra bulk around, the local council is considering changing the name to Hernia Bay.

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F*****g hell Paolo your pair is already glorious, I'd vote for you if contest would end now. How many washes so far?

I'll get up some pics of my seaside village for a comparo! Not even pics of the local shipyard construction site will approach the remarkable level of bleakness of your seaside uk villages! UK wins this time haha!!!

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here's another serious contender.. now I really want to see an update from Jared Lee (where are you?!?). His pair was just every bit as promising as ah long's and pault's.

despite all the hard wear I can put into my pair I have to face the fact the jeans are so loose fitting on me that I'll never get that kind of defined whiskers. my waist is just too big compared to my thighs.

oh well, fuck it! I'll keep it going and we all see at the end of the journey!

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Oh man, if I didn't already have a pair I would buy a pair right away. Stunning stuff gents!


Might postpone my update from Gothenburg, Norway and Stockholm a little now, haha. Sucks to post after you guys, hogging all the limelight! 

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